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Do you have a pest bird problem? Ultimate Pest Control provides Bird Pest Control. We have bird deterrent and bird repellent solutions. From bird spikes to netting, we have a solution for any bird control issue. However, there is not one bird control solution that fits all.

A variety of factors determine what solution is right for you. For example, species of bird, and type of property. Although the most important factor is how the birds are using the premise. Are they nesting there? Or just feeding? The former requires better protection than the latter.

You do not have to wait for an infestation to have a premises bird proofed. Many businesses opt for preventative bird proofing. After all, prevention is better than a cure.

Bird Control Ireland

There are several pest birds species in Ireland. We have a bird pest control solution for all of them. Including Pigeons, Starlings, Crows, Magpies & Seagulls. Additionally, we deal with other bird species that have become pests. Ultimate Pest Control has expert knowledge of Wildlife Protection laws. This is important because there are many species that are protected under Irish and European legislation.  

Ultimate Pest Control provides an effective and long term solution to your bird problem. We provide bird control services to residential and commercial properties. Our technicians provide bird pest control in Dublin. And Kildare, Wicklow and the whole of Leinster.

Bird Control Solutions:

  • Site Survey
  • Determine Pearching Locations
  • Locate Nests
  • Bespoke Solution
  • Empty Bird Nest Removal
  • Bird Clean Up Service

Our Bird Deterrent Solutions


Bird Proofing:

Birds have been known to nest in attics and eaves. They find the smallest gap in a roof and make their way in. They can cause considerable roof damage. Small birds are particularly fond of attics. For example starlings and swallows. Our solution to this is relatively straightforward. We would proof the eaves of the house. As well as the attic. Using steel wool and concrete, we would seal any entry points. This cuts off the birds access. If they nested in the chimney, we would cut off access with a chimney cone.


Bird Netting:

Netting is an effective and discreet bird deterrent. It is the best option for covering large spaces. For example roofs. It works by cutting off birds access to their perching and nesting sites. Netting can be an expensive option. However, if properly maintained they will last over 10 years. So they are cost-effective. It is important to note that different netting has to be used for different bird species.


Bird Spiking:

Birds spikes work by preventing birds from perching or nesting on ledges. The spikes look dangerous, but thankfully they are not. Birds realise the potential threat, so they are deterred from landing on them. This method is great for urban areas. Like Dublin, for example. Pigeon and seagull infestations are rampant in Dublin. Bird spikes offer a lifelong solution to bird control issues. This solution is also easy to install. Although it is not the most attractive solution. Discreet bird wire is an alternative to spiking.


Bird Repellent Gels:

Bird Repellent Gel is probably the most advanced solution in bird control. It is non-toxic and non-harmful. Additionally, it is a discreet and cost-effective solution. The gel is placed in small dishes, which are then adhered to perching sites. The gel utilizes UV light. Which makes birds believe the building is on fire. Birds can see through the UV spectrum. So while we would see orange gel, they see fire. Which scares them away.

Additional Bird Control Services

Bird Clean Up:

Following a bird infestation, it is vital that the affected area is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. Fouling is not just unsightly, it is a health hazard. It contains bacteria that cause serious illnesses in humans. Additionally, it can also cause slip and fall injuries. Bird droppings are corrosive. It can destroy a building's exterior. 

Feathers and nesting materials can block pipes, vents and gutters. Which can lead to serious problems if not removed. 

Ultimate Pest Control provides post infestation clean and decontamination services. Our thorough treatment is carried out using a highly effective biocide. Therefore, eliminating any risk of illness or damage. 

Trapped Bird Removal:

Sometimes birds may find themselves trapped in premises and not know how to get out. In some cases, the bird may be distressed, frantically flying to try to find an escape. Although, in other cases, they may be happy to stay and nest.

Regardless of the birds' reaction, it will cause damage if allowed to stay. It will foul and shed feathers. Both carry bacteria that can cause illness. 

Ultimate Pest Control provides a trapped bird removal service. We are experts in bird removal services. Removing a bird yourself can be difficult. It is best to contact a professional, with species-specific knowledge. Additionally, professionals have the correct equipment. 

Where do Birds Nest?

Swallows and sparrows are more likely to infest a residential property. Attics and house eaves are among their favourite places to nest. As they are sheltered, quiet places. Therefore, they feel safe to nest and lay their eggs. They damage the roof to gain access – squeezing through the smallest of holes.  

Large birds are more likely to infest a commercial property. For example, seagulls and pigeons. They look for tall buildings, preferably with flat roofs. They like to nest on ledges, rafters or chimney stacks. Unlike smaller birds, they don't require much shelter. They are scavengers, so they prefer urban environments. Where they have access to a lot of food waste.   

Dangers of a Bird Infestation

Bird infestations can cause serious damage to people, properties and businesses. Firstly, bird feathers and droppings carry bacteria and viruses. Contact with either can cause serious illness in humans. For example Salmonella and e. Coli

Secondly, bird fouling is a safety hazard. It can cause slips and falls, and cause serious injuries. If this happens on business premises, this could result in a personal injury claim. Which would be bad for revenue and reputation. Additionally, bird fouling is unsightly and unhygienic. Customers would be deterred from patronising a business with a bird infestation. 

Thirdly, bird infestations cause significant property damage. Birds cause serious damage to buildings when nesting. Additionally, their nests can block ventilation systems. Fouling is also corrosive. It can destroy a property exterior. And damage ducts and ventilation systems.   

Lastly, birds can be aggressive. Especially the larger birds like seagulls. They can be territorial about their young. And they will attack if they feel threatened.