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Specialist Cleaning Solutions

Ultimate Pest Control provides pest control cleaning, sterilisation and disinfection services. Our pest disinfection service is 99.99% effective in killing the harmful bacteria left behind following a pest infestation. We provide pest control cleaning, sterilisation and disinfection treatments to both commercial and residential customers.

Our Pest Control Cleaning & Disinfection Service

Our technicians provide a thorough and effective service. Cleaning and disinfection services start immediately following pest eradication. Firstly, all pest debris is removed. This includes carcasses, nesting materials and droppings. This is an essential step, which not all pest control cleaning services provide. Disinfection is pointless. Until pest debris is removed.

Secondly, we go in with the biocidal treatment. And disinfect the affected areas of your property. Our treatment is safe and effective against harmful pathogens. The affected area determines the disinfection method. For 

example fogging works best in large spaces. Such as warehouses. While sprays are better for homes. Following the treatment, we provide pest proofing services. Thus stopping a reinfestation.

Why do I need a Pest Control Cleaning & Disinfection Service?

Birds, rodents and insects carry disease-causing pathogens. For example, Salmonella, Psittacosis and E. Coli. If spread to humans, these pathogens can cause serious illness. A professional pest control cleaning and disinfection service is the only way to prevent contamination. A shop-bought bottle of disinfectant won't cut it. Firstly, it isn't strong enough to kill the bacteria left behind from an infestation. Secondly, a professional sprayer, or fogger, is necessary. As it is impossible to treat all areas and surfaces without professional equipment.

Benefits of Pest Antibacterial Service:

  • Guaranteed protection against the spread of pest-related illnesses
  • Provides long-term protection against bacteria and viruses
  • Safe and effective on any surface and material. For example wood, metal, soft furnishings etc
  • Our treatment kills 99.99% of all disease-causing pathogens.

Attic Clear Out

Once an infestation is eradicated, it is easy to assume that your troubles are over. However, that is not the case. Especially if the infestation in question was rodents in an attic. Following an infestation, a pest control attic cleaning solution is essential. Otherwise, you are leaving yourself and your family vulnerable to infection and disease.

Rodent droppings and urine contain bacteria that can cause significant illness in humans. Illnesses are contracted via direct contact with contaminated surfaces. And by inhalation of contaminated dust. And considering attics get very dusty, it is essential to get a professional attic clear-out and disinfection.

Ultimate Pest Control provides a thorough attic clear-out and disinfection solution. Firstly, we remove all dropping, ensuring there is nothing left. Secondly, we remove all contaminated insulation and properly dispose of it. Thirdly, we perform the antibacterial treatment. Our treatment kills all the germs and bacteria left behind by the infestation. Following the treatment, we replace the insulation. And you can rest assured that your attic is no longer a breeding ground for illness and infection.

COVID-19 Disinfection Service

Ultimate Pest Control provides disinfection services against Covid-19 and other harmful pathogens. We offer this specialist service to commercial and residential premises. Our trained technicians, equipped with all necessary PPE, will carry out a disinfectant fogging treatment. This is guaranteed to kill 99.9% of all pathogens safely and effectively. Our prices are highly competitive. Call us today for a free quotation!