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Pest Proofing


What is Pest Proofing?

Pest proofing is a simple way to avoid an infestation. Or in some cases, avoid reinfestation. By essentially cutting off pest entry points. Firstly, identify potential entry points. This involves a thorough inspection. Secondly, seal entry points. Seal holes bigger than a 1 cent coin.

Proofing doesn't have to be done by a professional. In fact, this article offers some great DIY proofing tips. However, there are some aspects that require a professional. For example, if a rat flap is needed. Additionally, a professional has the skills and equipment to ensure successful proofing.

What is Preventative Pest Proofing?

Preventative pest-proofing is simply proofing before an infestation. Proofing can be costly, and time-consuming. However, it is worth it. Because an infestation is a lot more hassle. Why deal with an infestation, when you can avoid one?

Our Pest Proofing Service

Ultimate Pest Control provides pest proofing services to commercial and residential customers. We service Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow. And Leinster and beyond.

Proofing is included with eradication treatments. And service contracts. Not all pest control companies provide proofing. They simply treat an infestation. Which is pointless without proofing. As more pests will come in the same way.

Our technicians are proofing experts. They understand pests behaviours and patterns. And are equipped with the latest technologies and techniques. Therefore, pests will not gain access to a proofed property. Additionally, they will recommend daily habits to keep pests away.

Ultimate Pest Control guarantees a thorough and effective service. Our proofing service comes with a 3-month guarantee. So if there is pest activity within 3 months. Then we will return, retreat and reproof.

Types of Proofing Services:

  • Eradication Programmes – Proofing services are included in eradication programmes
  • Service Contracts – Proofing services are included in all Service Contracts
  • Preventative Proofing – Any property can be proofed proactively to prevent infestation