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Do you have a spider infestation? Ultimate Pest Control provides a safe and effective spider pest control solution. We provide residential and commercial spider sprays. Our spider sprays are a safe, fast, and effective treatment.

Spider Infestation Treatment

Finding the odd spider in your home or business is not uncommon. And for the majority of people, it is not a big deal. Especially as most spiders in Ireland are not dangerous. A single spider can be relocated, squished or even tolerated. However, a spider infestation is a different story. A large enough infestation can be a nightmare. Especially for a person with arachnophobia.

At Ultimate Pest Control our spider infestation treatment ensures any spiders within your premises are eradicated. Additionally, we advise and provide solutions to stop spiders from entering your premises.

Spider Control Solution:

All About Spiders

Spiders are arachnids. Which is a class of arthropods that includes scorpions, ticks and mites. Arachnids differ from insects in various ways. For example, arachnids only have two parts of the body. Whereas insects have 3. Spiders have 6 legs and between 6 – 8 eyes.

There are roughly 1,100 species of spiders in Ireland. However, there are only a small few that can potentially bite. While some consider spiders to be pests, they are beneficial. Spiders keep the insect population in check.

The spider life cycle consists of three phases. Egg, spiderling, and adult. Females can lay up to 3,000 eggs depending on the species. Eggs are mostly laid in silk sacs. And hidden in nests or webs. However, some species carry the silk sacs in a chelicera. Females die after laying eggs in some spider species.

Spiders enter the larval stage within the egg. They then emerge from the egg as spiderlings. Which is just a miniature version of their adult selves. The average lifespan of a spider is between one and two years. However, many species do not live past one season.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

Spiders indigenous to Ireland are not considered dangerous. However, there are a few spiders that do bite. For the most part, a spider bite in Ireland would have very little effect on a person. However, some spider bites can cause a reaction. So, if bitten it is important to contact a medical professional.

It is important to contact a spider pest control professional if you have a harmful spider species on your premises. Do not attempt to treat a dangerous species of spider infestation. 

Species of Spiders that bite in Ireland:

Do You Have A Spiders Infestation?

  • Spider webs are obvious indicators that there are spiders on your premises. The quantity of webs is determined by the number of spiders and the species. However, not all spiders use webs. Some burrow and hide in crevices.
  • Spider eggs are a sign of an infestation. Spider eggs can be laid in a silken sac, hidden in a web or carried by the female. If you see silken sacs in webs, a spider infestation is imminent. As each sac contains roughly 100 eggs.

Can I Prevent a Spider Infestation?

There are a few preventative measures available. Firstly, seal up potential entry points to prevent a spider infestation. Such as gaps in doors or windows. Additionally, seal around pipes.

Secondly, closing windows and doors at night is an obvious but simple preventative measure. Especially in late Autumn as the weather is getting cooler.

Thirdly, as spiders feed on insects, it is important to ensure your premises is insect-free. Ants, moths, wasps etc will attract spiders. As they go where the food goes.

And finally, keeping your home or business clean is a simple preventative measure. Vacuum areas that aren't frequented regularly. Regularly clean attics, and any crevices.