Drain Survey and Repairs

Drain Surveys


What is a Drain Survey?

Ultimate Pest Control provides CCTV drain surveys. A CCTV drain survey is an in-depth assessment of a drainage system. A high tech CCTV camera is inserted into the drains. The cameras record footage of the drains. Thus allowing us to identify any drainage system problem. For example, damaged or collapsed pipes. Also obstructions or issues with the pipe gradient. We provide both commercial and residential drain surveys. 

Why Do I Need a Drain Survey?

There are many reasons for needing a drain inspection. For example when purchasing a new property. Or if there are frequent drainage issues in a property. Or in our case, if there are rats.

We carry out a drain survey in the event of a rat infestation. Now not every rat infestation will require a survey. However, it is necessary if there is no obvious cause of infestation.

Rats live in sewers. As it is the perfect environment for them. However, 

that doesn't prevent them from leaving. And nesting in a warm property. That also has a food and water source. Rats are opportunists. So they utilise damaged drain pipes to access premises. 

Drain Repairs

After a drain survey, we will provide a report. This will detail any and all issues found. Additionally, we will advise on necessary repairs. For example, rat flaps. Which would be needed if there was pipe damage. And rodent activity. A rat flap prevents rodents from accessing your property via the drains. Our technicians install them easily and quickly. Thus preventing future rat infestations. 

What is a Rat Flap?

A rat flap is a non-return valve for the drain systems. It is used in the main sewage line. Which prevents rodents access to a property waste line. Thus cutting off their access to a property. 

Additional Drain Services:

  • Pipe and Gully Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Line Jetting
  • Patch and Repair