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Rat Control

Worried you may have a rat infestation? Ultimate Pest Control provides industry-leading rat control in Ireland. It is not easy to get rid of rats, once they're settled. However, our rat control service ensures fast and effective eradication. We do not just treat an infestation. Our technicians determine the cause of the infestation. And then apply the appropriate solution.

For example, more often than not rats access properties through drains. Ultimate Pest Control provides drain surveys to determine if this is the cause of infestation. If it is we fit rat flaps, and carry out any necessary repairs. Additionally, we provide property proofing and repairs

Rat Control Ireland

At Ultimate Pest Control we know a rat infestation is distressing. Therefore, we endeavour to provide same day pest control in Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow. Our technicians also service Leinster and beyond. We provide service to residential and commercial properties. The pandemic has led to an increase in rat activity. Especially in Dublin. 

Rat Control Services:

Rat Control Solutions

All About Rats

Rat control in Ireland is an ongoing battle. As rats are one of the most common pests we deal with. In Ireland, we have two main species of rats. The Brown Rat is the more common of the two. While the Black rat is quite rare.

Rats are rodents. Rodents are characterised by their continuously growing incisors. The teeth growth causes rats to gnaw on everything. They need to file them down.

Rats are nocturnal, except when the population is high. A high population means there is a shortage of food. As a result, some rats have to scavenge during the day.

Rats are most likely to enter premises in late Autumn. However, they can at any time of the year. But as the weather gets colder, they tend to shelter indoors. Food is also harder to come by the late Autumn. Therefore, they head inside for a reliable food source.

Adult rats live up to one year. They reach sexual maturity at 3 months old. Rats breed regardless of the time of year. A female can reproduce every 6 weeks. Each litter contains anything from 6 to 10 pups. As a result, infestations can escalate quickly. To clarify, 2  rats can become 1,250 in one year.

Species of Rats Found In Ireland

Rat Control Solution - Brown Rat

Brown Rats:

  • Greyish-Brown in colour
  • Measures roughly 40 cm (excluding tail)
  • Weighs roughly 350 – 500 grams
Rat Control Solution - Black Rat

Black Rats:

  • Light Brown to Black in colour
  • Measures roughly 20 – 30 cm
  • Weighs roughly 75 – 230 grams

The Dangers of a Rat Infestation

A rat infestation can be dangerous. To both people and property. Rats carry numerous diseases. Which humans can contract by having contact with their urine. Firstly, by direct contact. Secondly, by ingesting contaminated food. Thirdly, by inhaling dust contaminated with urine.

Rats can also cause significant property damage. Rats continuously gnaw to shape their teeth. They gnaw on pretty much anything. For example, metal, wood, concrete and even glass. They have been known to gnaw through pipes and cables. Therefore causing floods and fires.

Common Diseases Spread by Rats:

Do you have a Rat Infestation?

As they are nocturnal, you may not see a rat. However, you may notice a few signs of an infestation. At which point, calling for a professional rat control solution is essential. Noticeable signs include: 

  • Scratching, gnawing or scuttling noises. These noises come from the walls, floors and attic spaces.
  • Oily marks along walls and skirting boards. Rats have to travel along walls. As a result of their poor eyesight. So while travelling they rub against the walls and skirting. As a result, they leave oily marks along the walls.
  • Footprints and tail marks. These can be found in very dusty areas.
  • Droppings. Rats droppings are dark and pellet-shaped. They can produce up to 40 pellets per night. Typically, they can be found in the same spots.
  • Burrows. Brown rats dig burrows for food, shelter and nesting. Burrows can be found beside garden decking or sheds.
  • Unusual smells. A large infestation will smell really bad

Can I Prevent a Rat Infestation?

Rest assured there are ways to prevent a rat infestation! It may seem unnecessary, but it is easier to prevent an infestation than it is to get rid of rats. Prevention ensures you will not need a rat control solution.

Firstly, ensure your premises is proofed. In other words, make sure there are no entry points. Look for any gaps in doors, floors, and vents. Immediately seal up any gaps you find. After that, it is important the drains are checked. Rats can enter premises via damaged drains. Therefore, a Drain Survey could be necessary. Ultimate Pest Control provides Drain Surveys. We also provide Proofing Services.

Secondly, ensure your premises is always clean and tidy. Food debris will attract rats. Therefore it is important to properly discard food. Additionally, bins should always be covered.