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Ultimate Pest Control provides discreet, efficient and effective rodent services and solutions. We provide rodent control in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Leinster and beyond. We know how uncomfortable an infestation can be. Therefore, we offer same day rodent control solutions when we can. Our services cover residential and commercial properties.

Rodent Control

A rodent infestation is a cause for concern. It needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively. Ultimate Pest Control provides an unrivalled, complete rodent control solution.

Firstly, we provide a site survey. This involves inspecting the premises. This inspection has two purposes. The first is to ascertain how the rodent is

gaining access to the premises. This involves finding potential entry points, nesting sites, and burrow holes. At this stage, a drain survey may be necessary. This is something our technician will organise. So there is no need for you to contact a third party. The second reason for the site survey is to determine the species of rodent. Rats and mice have different treatment plans. So to ensure a successful eradication it is imperative to know the species of rodent.

Secondly, we begin treatment. This bespoke treatment involves all the latest rodent control products and methods. Combined with our expert technicians, eradication is guaranteed.

Thirdly, we proof the property. Any potential entry points identified during the inspection will be sealed. Cutting off access to the property means there is no chance of reinfestation. A rodent treatment runs over three weeks. Although eradication typically happens in the first week. However, we like to follow up to ensure the treatment was successful.

Additionally, we provide Pest Control Cleaning & Disinfection Services. Which we would highly recommend following a rodent infestation.

Species of Rodents

What are Rodents?

Rodents are defined as small, gnawing mammals. They have a single pair of continuously growing incisors in their upper and lower jaws. Roughly 40% of all mammals are rodents. However, not all rodents are pests. There are three main species of rodents that are classified as pests in Ireland.

Brown Rat
Mice Control Solutions

Domestic Rodent Control

Have rats in your garden? Or mice in your home? Squirrels in your attic? Regardless of which species, a rodent infestation is distressing. They can cause property damage and serious illness. Rodents constantly need to gnaw to shape their ever-growing incisors. Therefore, they can cause structural damage to your home. By gnawing on support beams, pipes, wires, and even concrete. Rodents can also cause serious illness. They carry diseases that can contaminate humans.

Common Diseases Spread by Rodents:

Commercial Rodent Control

Does your business have a rodent infestation? If so, you need a rodent control solution ASAP. Ultimate Pest Control provides same-day rodent control in Dublin and Leinster for commercial customers. Rodent infestations have the potential to destroy a businesses reputation. Both customers and employees will avoid the business. Which will result in poor financial performance.

Ultimate Pest Control provides HACCP compliant commercial pest control contracts. Initially, we will complete an audit to determine the standard of pest control currently in place. We will also identify any current or potential pest infestations. We will treat and eradicate any active infestations. And then implement a strategic Pest Control Solution. 

Commercial Pest Control Contracts:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Inspections
  • Scheduled Routine Treatments
  • Emergency Call Out
  • Pest Control Folder
  • Preventative Maintenance

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