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residential pest control

Residential Pest Control

Ultimate Pest Control provides unrivalled residential pest control services. Including pre-purchase pest inspections. Our technicians' service Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and all over Leinster. Sharing your home with a pest is never comfortable. It could be a minor nuisance. Or a serious health hazard. Either way, Ultimate Pest Control can help!

Firstly, our technicians are trained and equipped to treat any infestation. Secondly, they carry out proofing works and disinfection treatments. As well as drain surveys and repairs. Therefore, we offer a complete residential pest control solution. Why hire multiple companies, when we provide a complete service? 

We provide a professional, competitive and discreet service. And above all, we guarantee an effective Pest Control Solution. Our goal is to not just solve your pest problem. Most importantly, it is to prevent it from recurring.

Our Complete Pest Control Solution

At Ultimate Pest Control we pride ourselves on our complete Pest Control Solutions. We don't just treat the problem at hand. Our four step eradication programme ensures an effective long-term solution for your pest problem!


Our technicians will visit your home and conduct a thorough site survey.

  • Identify the source of the infestation
  • Discern the cause of the infestation
  • Identify the entry points


Our technicians will treat the infestation, discreetly and efficiently.

  • Tailored treatment to ensure effective extermination
  • BPCA technicians
  • Eradication is 100% guaranteed with our solution


Our technicians will ensure your home is protected against reinfestation.

  • Flag any potential entry points
  • Proof and seal up potential entry points
  • Advise on other preventative measures


Our technicians will perform follow up inspections to ensure the treatment was successful.

  • As many visits as required
  • Disinfection and antibacterial treatments available
  • Home Service Contracts available

Common Residential Pests

rat residential pest control

Rats in the Home

A rat infestation in your home can pose serious dangers. Firstly, rats carry numerous diseases. Such as Weil's Disease. Which can easily spread to humans. Secondly, rats can cause significant property damage. Rats gnaw on pretty much anything. From wood to pipe, to concrete. In other words, they can destroy a home. For instance, they have been known to cause flooding. This is from gnawing on pipes. And fires, from gnawing on wires.

Mice in the Home

A mice infestation can pose serious dangers. To both people and property. Mice carry numerous diseases. Which can spread to humans from contact with their urine. In addition to the health risks, they can damage property. Like rats, mice gnaw on pretty much anything. From wood to pipe, to concrete. As a result, they can cause serious property damage. They have been known to cause flooding. This is due to them gnawing on pipes. In addition to fires, from gnawing on wires.

mouse residential pest control

Bedbugs in the Home

A bedbug infestation in your home is extremely unpleasant. Bedbugs bite humans and animals. The bites are not necessarily dangerous. But they are painful, swollen, itchy and irritating. In some cases, they can lead to infections. Bedbugs carry various pathogens. However, transmission to humans is highly unlikely. Therefore, they do not spread disease. In spite of this, an infestation can be mentally distressing.

Wasps in the Home

A wasp infestation in your home can be very concerning. You may be tempted to treat the problem yourself. But it is vital you let a professional deal with it. Treating a wasp nest can be very dangerous. When wasps feel threatened, they will sting multiple times. Being stung by a wasp is at best painful. However, at worse it can be fatal.


Cockroaches in the Home

A cockroach infestation in the home is not just unpleasant. It is a serious health risk. They carry diseases such as Salmonella and Gastroenteritis. Cockroaches contaminate everything they touch. Such as food, utensils, and surfaces. The bacteria they spread can cause serious illness. Cockroaches are survivors. And once they settle, they start breeding. Subsequently, becoming a nightmare to get rid of. 

Moths in the Home

A moth infestation in the home isn’t exactly dangerous. As they don’t harm humans directly. But a flour moth infestation can be worrying. The larvae live in foods like flour and cereals. Therefore they defecate in the food. This contaminates the food, which will cause illness when consumed. A clothes moth infestation can become a costly problem. Clothes moths infest materials and textiles. Therefore, they can cause considerable damage within a home.  They can destroy clothes, carpets, upholstery and blankets.


Ants in the Home

An ant infestation in the home isn’t dangerous. However, it is annoying and can be problematic. You do not want them invading your home. Marching all over your kitchen counters or in your pantry. Ants travel far for a reliable food source. Therefore once found, they will not give it up easily. Hundreds of ants march the trail. Gathering the food and transporting it back to the colony. 

Silverfish in the Home

A silverfish infestation in your home is extremely unpleasant. Silverfish are not necessarily dangerous. They do not bite or cause disease. However, their feeding habits can be quite destructive. They can destroy books, wallpaper, clothing and fabrics. In large numbers, they can cause significant damage.