Pest Inspection When Buying a New Home


A high percentage of our residential customers have just bought their homes. And while they should be on cloud 9, picking paint and furniture, they discover unwanted houseguests. Tarnishing, what should be the most exciting time of their lives. Pest infestations cause stress, illness, and property damage. And treatments and repairs can be costly. Thankfully, this is an avoidable problem. By simply conducting a pre-purchase pest control inspection.

Ultimate Pest Control provides pre-purchase pest control inspections. Keep reading to find out why everyone should have one.

1. What is a pre-purchase inspection exactly?

Before buying a new home, our technician will inspect the property for any signs of active or historic pest activity. Inspecting the entire premises including drains, attics and the exterior. If pest activity is found, we will provide a quote for eradication. At that point, the buyer can revert back to the seller to insist they carry out the necessary treatments before the sale. Thus ensuring the buyer isn’t stuck with the bill, post-sale.

Our inspection also flags potential pest problems. For example, damaged drains could result in a rat infestation. Having this information, pre-sale means that the buyer won’t be blindsided down the line. Repairs and proofing can be carried out immediately. Allowing the buyer to get ahead of this problem and future proof against infestation.

Pest inspections are not a requirement, under Irish law. However, they should be. Similar to a building survey, a pest inspection provides the buyer with all the information they need to make an informed decision when buying a property. Discovering a pest problem after buying a property leaves the buyer with few options. Forgoing a pre-purchase inspection could be an expensive mistake.

3. Are pest inspections worth the cost?

In our opinion, yes. Firstly, the cost of an inspection is significantly less than the cost of a potential infestation. Buying a home is a huge investment. Nobody needs an added expense of a pest infestation. Secondly, flagging issues before the sale is complete leaves the buyer in a strong negotiating position. Allowing for discount negotiations. Or insisting the vendor rectifies the problem prior to closing. Thirdly, inspections offer peace of mind. Allowing you to move into your new home knowing it is pest free.

If you require a pre-purchase inspection, contact us now!