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Wildlife Management Services Ireland

Ultimate Pest Control provides Wildlife Management Control Services. We specialise in humane wildlife pest control services in both urban and rural Ireland. Our wildlife and bird control services are safe and effective. And suitable for commercial and residential properties. 

At Ultimate Pest Control, our technicians are highly skilled and trained in wildlife pest control services. And compliant with all Wildlife, Animal Welfare and Safety Legislation. Our technicians understand the various wildlife species. Therefore they can quickly solve your problem. 

Wildlife Management Solutions

Ultimate Pest Control provides bespoke wildlife pest control solutions. Every treatment is different. As it depends on the species and its location. 

Firstly, our technician completes a site survey. This is an inspection to determine how the species gained access to the premises. Secondly, a bespoke solution will be put in place. After that, the problem could be resolved on the day, or it may take up to a month. The timeline depends on the species, and the control method utilised. Throughout this time, we will be checking the site frequently. Additionally, we provide proofing and repair works to ensure more wildlife cannot access the property. So once eradication is complete, you can rest assured that reinfestation isn't an option. We also provide Pest Control Cleaning & Disinfection Services.

Wildlife Management Services

Squirrel Control
Bird Control
Fox Control

Domestic Wildlife Management

Ultimate Pest Control provides wildlife management to homes across Leinster. Many problems can occur when a wild species make themselves at home on your property. Some can just be a nuisance and cause cosmetic damage. While other species are dangerous and can carry dangerous diseases. Whatever the species, where ever the infestations, Ultimate Pest Control can resolve it. We provide unrivalled residential wildlife management services in Ireland.

Common Residential Wildlife Services:

Commercial Wildlife Management

Ultimate Pest Control provides Wildlife Management Services for any business environment. We provide both once-off jobs and ongoing contracts. So whatever your requirement, we have a solution for you. Our technicians are wildlife pest control experts. That coupled with our professionalism and reliability, we are sure to be a perfect fit for your business. Controlling wildlife is essential for any business to be successful. Wildlife infestations can lead to loss of reputation and customers. Which results in a loss of earnings. Therefore, we recommend all businesses have a wildlife prevention survey to ensure an infestation cannot occur. After all, prevention is better than a cure. 

Wildlife Management Contract:

  • Wildlife Prevention Survey
  • Scheduled Maintenance Inspections
  • Scheduled Routine Treatments
  • Emergency Call Out
  • Pest Control Folder
  • Preventative Maintenance

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