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Do you have squirrels in your attic? Or on your property? Ultimate Pest Control provides effective squirrel control solutions. We provide squirrel removal services to residential and commercial properties. Our technicians provide squirrel removal in Dublin, and throughout Leinster.

Squirrels are rodents and grey squirrels are considered to be pests. They destroy woodlands, by stripping trees of their bark. This typically kills the trees. In recent years, grey squirrels have spread considerably to urban areas. This is due to urban sprawl. Grey squirrels are adaptable and opportunistic. So they thrive in gardens, consuming vegetation and seeds from bird feeders.

In the past few years, we have been noticing an increase in squirrels gaining access to properties. In particular, we have been seeing a lot of squirrels in attics. This happens in the colder months, as they are seeking a warm location to nest. They gain access to roof spaces by chewing through vents or utilising small holes. If you are hearing unusual noises in your attic it could be a squirrel. Especially if you have a tree branch near your roof.

Squirrel Control Solution:

  • Site Survey
  • Determine Nest Location
  • Set Humane Squirrel Traps
  • Squirrel Removal
  • Proofing & Repairs

All About Grey Squirrels

There are two species of squirrels in Ireland. The Native Red Squirrel and the Grey Squirrel. However, only the Grey Squirrel is considered a pest. The grey squirrel has had a detrimental effect on the Irish red squirrel population. They have depleted by 20% in the past 100 years.

The Grey Squirrel is not a native species of Ireland. In fact, they were brought over from North America in 1911. Since then, they have become widespread throughout the country.

Grey squirrels typically live in woodlands and large parks. However, they can thrive in any habitat that contains broadleaf trees. As the seeds are their favourite food. Additionally, they eat berries, cereals, fruits and nuts.

Grey squirrels are seasonal breeders and usually mate in late Winter. Pregnancy lasts 45 days. A female will typically have 1 litter per year. The average litter will contain two to seven young. Young squirrels gain independence by 15 weeks old.

Female grey squirrels live longer than males and can live up to 7 years. However, on average they only live 3 years. Females are larger than males. The average male squirrel weighs 650 grams, while females weigh 700 grams.

Grey squirrels do not hibernate in winter. Although in cold conditions they do spend more time in their warm nests.

Are Grey Squirrels Dangerous?

Grey squirrels are not dangerous to humans. However, if you have a squirrel on your property it can be a real nuisance. As they can cause significant property damage. They cause considerable damage while gaining access to roof spaces. Once inside they chew through everything. From wood to wiring, to pipes. They have been known to cause fires and flooding.

Grey squirrels also destroy gardens. As they will eat any fruits or vegetables they come across. They are also known for destroying plants and flowers. Tulip and crocus bulbs are a favoured food. 

Dangers to Red Squirrels:

Although grey squirrels are not dangerous to humans, they are to red squirrels. They carry the squirrel parapox virus. Which is fatal to red squirrels. If infected, a red squirrel will die within weeks.

Do you have a Grey Squirrel Infestation?

Is your garden being dug up and destroyed? Or are you hearing noises in roof spaces? If so, you may have a squirrel infestation. If they have found their way into a property, it is imperative to get a professional squirrel pest control solution. Our solution is effective and humane. Once we trap and remove the squirrel, we provide proofing and repairs. 

If the squirrel is contained in the garden you may be happy to share your space, as it can be a novelty. However, if you are an avid gardener, the novelty may wear off fairly fast. As they chew and dig up everything in sight. 

Can I Protect my Property from Squirrels?

There are a few things you can do to ensure a squirrel cannot access your property. These tips are especially useful if your property is located in a squirrel dense area.

Firstly, ensure trees and bushes are trimmed away from the exterior of the property. Secondly, ensure any potential entry points are sealed. Any holes or crevices on the property exterior need to be sealed. Lastly, keep a tight-fitting cap on your chimney at all times. 

Additionally, do not have any food sources in your garden. If you use bird feeders, make sure to use squirrel resistant feeders. If you want to prevent a squirrel from digging up your garden, spread chilli powder on the areas you want to protect.