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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Ultimate Pest Control provides unrivalled commercial pest control services. Our technicians' service Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Leinster. We have a commercial pest control solution for every industry. From retail to hospitality, to pharma and healthcare.

Our maintenance contracts are bespoke to your business. Firstly, our technicians conduct a comprehensive site audit. This is to properly assess the businesses needs. Secondly, we present a suitable solution. Our solutions are focused on eradication, protection, and maintenance. Thirdly, once agreed we implement the solution ASAP.

A pest infestation could destroy a business. Therefore, it is wise to have a pest control contract. Why wait for an infestation to act? When you could completely avoid one?

Pest Control Services for:

Commercial Service Contracts:

    • Scheduled Maintenance Inspections
    • Scheduled Routine Treatments
    • Emergency Call Out
    • Pest Control Folder
    • Preventative Maintenance

Our Complete Pest Control Solution

At Ultimate Pest Control we pride ourselves on our complete Pest Control Solutions. We don't just treat the problem at hand. Our four step eradication programme ensures an effective long-term solution for your pest problem!


Our technicians will visit your business. And conduct a thorough site survey.

  • Identify the source of the infestation
  • Discern the cause of the infestation
  • Identify the entry points


Our technicians will treat the infestation, discreetly and efficiently.

  • Tailored treatment to ensure effective extermination
  • BPCA technicians
  • Eradication is 100% guaranteed with our solution


Our technicians will ensure your business is protected against reinfestation.

  • Flag any potential entry points
  • Proof and seal up potential entry points
  • Advise on other preventative measures


Our technicians will perform follow up inspections. This ensures the treatment was successful.

  • As many visits as required
  • Disinfection and antibacterial treatments available
  • Bespoke Service Contracts available

Common Commercial Pests

rat commercial pest control

Rats in a Business

A rat infestation in your business can be seriously dangerous. Firstly, rats carry numerous diseases. Such as Weil's Disease. Which can easily spread to humans. Secondly, rats can cause significant property damage. Rats gnaw on pretty much anything. From wood to pipe, to concrete. In other words, they can destroy your premises. Thirdly, a rat infestation will heavily impact a businesses reputation. Which can result in a loss of business. Businesses with pest problems can also be fined.

Mice in a Business

A mice infestation can pose serious dangers. To people, property and reputation. Mice carry numerous diseases. Which can spread to humans from contact with their urine. In addition to the health risks, they can damage property. Like rats, mice gnaw on pretty much anything. From wood to pipe, to concrete. As a result, they can cause serious property damage. A known mice infestation could destroy a businesses reputation. Which will result in a loss of customers and earnings. Businesses with pest problems can also be fined.

mouse commercial pest control
bedbug commercial pest control

Bedbugs in a Business

Bedbugs in a business are more than just a nuisance. An infestation can have a detrimental effect on your reputation. Especially if that business is within the hospitality industry. A known bedbug infestation would lead to customer outrage. And a potential boycott of your establishment. A bedbug infestation is an expensive problem. The establishment would have to close during treatment. As a result, the company would suffer a loss of earnings. In addition to the cost of replacing furniture and textiles. 

Wasps in a Business

A wasp infestation in your business can be very concerning. To both staff and customers. Wasps can be very dangerous. Especially to a person with an allergy. It is vital to treat a wasps nest immediately. Treating a wasp nest can be very dangerous. When wasps will feel threatened they sting multiple times. Therefore, it is best to leave it to a professional. As they know how to correctly treat the nest. In addition to having appropriate PPE and the correct insecticides. 

wasp commercial pest control
cockroach commercial pest control

Cockroaches in a Business

A cockroach infestation in a business is a health risk. They are known to carry multiple diseases. For example Salmonella and Gastroenteritis. An infestation could affect the health of staff and customers. A cockroach infestation is guaranteed to ruin your businesses reputation. Especially if you are in the food or hospitality industry. It can lead to the loss of customers. Which will result in a loss of earnings. Additionally, businesses with pest problems can be fined.

Moths in a Business

A moth infestation in a business isn’t exactly dangerous. But it can be damaging. The larvae live in foods like flour and cereals. Therefore they defecate in the food. As a result, the food becomes contaminated. Which will cause illness when consumed. This infestation could get your business fined or shut down. A clothes moth infestation could seriously damage a textiles company. Clothes moths will destroy stock. Which could end up costing your business a fortune.

Moth commercial pest control
ant commercial pest control

Ants in a Business

Ants in a business are more than just a nuisance. They are a hazard. They can cost you money and your reputation. Especially if your business makes or stores food or water. This industry needs to ensure impeccable hygiene standards and practices. An ant infestation can cause food waste. If food is contaminated it must be discarded. Thus wasting time and money. They also affect a businesses reputation. Ant infestations lead customers to question your hygiene standards. This may deter them from using your business again.

Silverfish in a Business

A silverfish infestation in your business is extremely unpleasant. Silverfish are not necessarily dangerous. They do not bite or cause disease. However, their feeding habits can be quite destructive. They can destroy books, wallpaper, clothing and fabrics. In large numbers, they can cause significant damage. Additionally, an infestation can affect a businesses reputation. Consequently, customers would question your hygiene standards. As a result, they may avoid your business.

Silverfish commercial pest control