Dublin Pest Activity Increase Due to Pandemic


Pest Control Dublin

Requirements for pest control in Dublin has significantly increased in the past year. Rat control and fox removal in Dublin has been especially busy. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Ultimate Pest Control has logged 40% more rat treatments in Dublin compared to previous years. And fox control in Dublin has increased by 200%, from previous years. So what is causing the increase in pest activity in our nation’s capital? Let’s explore the topic.

Rat Control Dublin

Since the beginning of the pandemic, residential rodent activity has increased by 25%. But why is this? Rats thrive in cities. They travel through drains, emerging for food. And in a busy city with ample people, restaurants, and dumpsters, they never had to wander too far for a meal. However, in the past year, the city centre has essentially been deserted.

The closure of offices, bars and restaurants resulted in a rodent food shortage. As a result, rats and mice had to locate a new food source. With people now working from home, food consumption and food waste have increased in residential areas. The increase in domestic waste, and increased fly-tipping, attracted rats to residential areas. Where there is waste, there is food. So they followed the food and headed to houses and apartments. Typically, rats only head indoors in the winter, as the weather gets colder. However, with no external food source, we are now finding that rat infestations have become year-round occurrences. Additionally, garden DIY’s has caused rats to head indoors. People now have more time on their hands, to tackle their overgrown garden. Removing excessive vegetation leaves rodents exposed. Giving them no choice but to head inside to avoid predators.

In the past 18 months, Ultimate Pest Control has conducted 40% more domestic treatments for rat control in Dublin. Compared to any other county. We have also seen an increase in rodent infestations in closed businesses and restaurants. So if your business is shut, please be sure to maintain your pest control contract. So there are no nasty surprises on opening day.

Fox Removal Dublin

It may surprise some people, but over the past century, foxes have made themselves at home in cities. Foxes are highly adaptable, and they have thrived in cities, all these years. City life allowed them to access an abundance of food, namely food waste and rodents. And rivers, canals and railways, allowed them a corridor in and out of built-up areas.

However, much like rodents, urban foxes are leaving city life behind. And taking up residence in gardens. Again, this is due to the lack of food in cities, as a result of lockdowns. As they leave cities, they are looking for a new residence that satisfies 2 conditions. Firstly, they need safety. And secondly, they need a food source. Gardens offer foxes the perfect habitat. Overgrown vegetation or sheds and decking provide the perfect place for a fox den. As it offers them protection from predators. For food, they dig up gardens in search of insects. However, they will also eat from bins, and hunt rodents, and birds.

Large suburban gardens in South Dublin have seen a dramatic increase in fox activity. Fox removal in Dublin has been one of our busiest services this year. Ultimate Pest Control has had a 200% increase in fox trappings compared to previous years.

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