4 Tips to Keep Foxes Out Of Your Garden


Fox season is fast approaching. Mating begins in January. So, vixens will soon begin searching for suitable dens to give birth. Meaning there is less than a few weeks to fox proof your garden. Before it is overrun by an entire litter. Proofing is especially important if you have had a previous infestation. Foxes are creatures of habit. And they will return to a previously used den if they still have access.

Foxes nesting in gardens can be annoying, messy and disruptive. They chew decking and sheds, dig up flowerbeds, root through bins, and even bring back dead rodents and birds. Once a fox makes itself at home, it can be impossible to get rid of without a professional fox control solution. Prevention is always easier than cure. So, follow our simple tips to keep foxes out of your garden.

1. Make your garden unappealling

Foxes prefer overgrown gardens. As they provide sheltered spaces to hide. Preferably with sheds or decking. Building a den underneath a shed or decking is ideal. Especially for a vixen about to give birth. As it is safe and secure from predators and the elements.

Realistically, in January, nobody wants to be out cleaning their garden. However, a tidy garden is essential to avoid foxes settling there. Now we’re not saying it needs to be anything drastic like re-landscaping. Simply cutting and trimming any areas of high vegetation will go a long way to deter foxes. Additionally, remove any junk that may be outside. Especially large furniture.

2. Block Entry Points to keep foxes out

There are many ways in which a fox can gain entry to a garden. Firstly, and probably the most obvious way is over walls and fences. They are adept climbers and can climb up to 7 feet high. By using their sharp claws. And can jump over 3 feet in the air. Solutions for walls and fences include spiking or bending garden fences away from the home. Both methods are proven deterrents.

Secondly, foxes are diggers. If they can’t go over, they will try to dig under walls and fences. Use concrete to block any holes that may be dug along fences and walls. They will not be able to infiltrate the concrete.

3. Remove food debris

Never, ever feed a fox. It should go without saying. However, in our experience, humans tend to romanticise having a fox in the garden. Mostly in the beginning, before they realise how much damage these pests can cause. So, they leave out food. Feeding a fox will encourage it to settle. Why would they leave if they have access to easy food?

There are also ways to inadvertently feed foxes. Discarded food from bird feeders or remnants from pet food bowls will also attract them into your garden. Visiting at first and subsequently settling if conditions are right. Ensure that birdseed is cleaned daily. And never leave pet food bowls out unattended. Not only do these two things attract foxes, but they also attract rodents. Which also attract foxes. Following this tip will keep your garden free from a lot of species of pests!

4. Install motion light to keep foxes out

Foxes are skittish. They hate sudden movement or loud noise. And they tend to lean more towards flight than fight. As such, a good deterrent is installing a motion light. As they are active at night, the last thing they want is light flashing towards them. They are naturally nervous, so the surprise will cause them to flee. And they are unlikely to return as they’ll consider the area unsafe.

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