Replacing Attic Insulation After Rodents

attic insulation

Attic insulation regulates the temperature of homes. Without proper insulation, an average home loses 20 to 30% of its heat through the roof. Resulting in higher heating bills. And increased greenhouse gas emissions. A properly insulated home not only saves on energy costs. Additionally, it increases energy ratings and is better for the environment. As well as making homes more comfortable. By staying warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

Rodent infestations are extremely problematic. From spreading bacteria and causing illness. To expenses incurred treating infestations. Nobody enjoys a rodent infestation. Regardless of whether it is rats or mice. Rodent infestations in attics cause even more issues. Such as the need to replace all attic insulation following an infestation.

Why do we need to replace attic insulation after rodent infestations?

Replacing insulation following a rodent infestation is crucial. For two reasons. Firstly, rodent urine and droppings contain bacteria that cause illness. Mice and rats in attics use insulation as nesting material, and as a bathroom. Following an infestation, the dried urine and faeces in the insulation mixes with dust. Illness is contracted by breathing in the dust particles. Therefore leaving contaminated insulation in your home poses a serious health risk to the occupants.

Secondly, nesting rodents cause damage to the insulation. Making it less effective at regulating temperatures. Following rodent infestations, many people notice their heating bills increase. Replacing the insulation will improve energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

Can anyone remove and replace attic insulation?

We would not recommend a layman attempt to remove or replace insulation. It can be a dangerous job. Firstly, without the proper PPE contamination is highly likely. Disturbing the insulation releases all the contaminated dust. Spending the day breathing that in without adequate protective clothing will cause serious illness. Secondly, a layman may not be equipped to handle hazardous materials. Such as fibreglass. And finally, a layman won’t know the proper process for removing old insulation and installing the new. For such an important job, it is best left to a professional.

Where can I source a Company for an attic clear out?

Ultimate Pest Control provides complete attic clear out’s and insulation services. All our technicians are trained and skilled in this area. Firstly, we remove all droppings. Taking care to ensure nothing is left. Secondly, we remove all contaminated insulation. Bagging and properly disposing of it, after the job is complete. Thirdly, we perform the antibacterial treatment. Our treatment kills all the germs and bacteria left behind by the infestation. Following the treatment, we replace the insulation. And you can rest assured that your attic is no longer a breeding ground for illness and infection.

Do all pest control companies offer this service?

Not all pest control companies offer attic clear-out services. If you think you have rats or mice in your attic, make sure to contact a pest control company that provides attic clear-out services.

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