5 Cockroach Prevention Tips


Cockroaches are one of the worst infestations to deal with. Cockroaches are disease-carrying, allergen triggering insects. They are filthy, smelly and can destroy homes. Cockroach infestations can go unnoticed. Until the infestation gets out of hand. By which point eradication can be a tough, lengthy process. Therefore, like all infestations, prevention is better than a cure. Here are 5 easy to implement cockroach prevention tips.

1. Eliminate all food sources

Cockroaches are omnivores. Meaning they eat anything derived from plants or animals. Therefore they are not fussy eaters. Cockroaches will eat faeces as quick as they would eat cake. Therefore to ensure cockroach prevention it is vital to cut off access to all food sources. Firstly, do not leave any food out on the counters. As this will attract roaches. Always put leftovers away and dispose of food remnants immediately. And store all dry food in airtight containers.

Secondly, do not leave pet food bowls out. And always ensure to clean out litterboxes immediately.

2. Cut off potential water sources

Despite cockroaches eating almost anything, they can go a surprisingly long time without food. However, they need water. And can only survive a little over a week without it. Therefore, they are highly attracted to homes that provide a regular water source. Regularly check for leaks under sinks and in the boiler. Additionally, ensure all spills are cleaned up immediately.

3. Regularly clean under appliances

Cockroaches enjoy nesting under large appliances. Like fridges and ovens. As they enjoy the warmth. Therefore regularly cleaning under these appliances is crucial. As food and drink debris can easily gather there. And this encourages an infestation.

4. Cockroach Prevention Bins & Rubbish Tips

Rubbish bins need to be sealed effectively. So as to not attract roaches. However, that may not be effective by itself. Rinsing food and drink containers before putting them in the bin is essential. Additionally, don’t forget to dry them!

5. Proofing ensures cockroach prevention

Cockroaches gain access to homes through holes and crevices in walls. Proofing the home is the only guaranteed cockroach prevention method. Firstly, thoroughly inspect the home for any cracks or holes in walls, skirting boards, electrical sockets, and under sinks. Secondly, seal all the cracks and holes.

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