Property Damage Caused by Pest Birds


Birds perching or nesting on properties seem harmless. Yes, they can be loud and annoying. And most people think that is the extent of their bird issues. Therefore, they tend to leave them be. However, damage caused by pest birds can be disastrous. Pigeons, seagulls, crows, magpies and even starlings are pests. Allowing birds on your property can be an expensive mistake. Therefore, it is important to understand the risks. So, here are 3 ways pest birds cause property damage.

1. Damage caused by bird fouling

Bird fouling is messy, destructive and dangerous. Nobody wants their property covered in bird droppings. As it looks awful and is hard to clean. Additionally, it is unhygienic. However, the biggest issue caused by bird foul is property damage. Bird foul is corrosive. As it contains uric acid. Uric acid dissolves certain materials. Such as stone and metal. Property damage caused by fouling is expensive to repair.

Fouling on pavements is not just unsightly. It causes slip and fall accidents. As well as spreading bacteria which can lead to disease. People can get seriously ill through contact with bird droppings. As well as, by breathing contaminated dust or water droplets.

Additionally, fouling destroys vehicles. The nitrogen in bird droppings causes corrosion. Especially in water-based car paintwork. Failing to clean droppings up fast, will result in damaged paintwork. Another costly repair.

2. Damage caused by birds nesting

Birds nesting in properties causes serious damage. Pest birds nest on roofs, choosing to build their nest in sheltered areas. Some of the more common areas include; the guttering, the eaves, the top of the downpipe and even chimneys. Nests in these areas can cause blockages to the drainage and ventilation systems.

Damage to the drainage system causes water to overflow into roof spaces. As well as down the sides of the properties. Blocked drain problems are not immediately clear. However, the resulting damage can be disastrous. Water flowing against a house causes structural damage and rot.

Nests built-in ventilation systems can cause serious illness. Blocked vents mean that fumes from heating systems have no way of dispersing. Meaning carbon monoxide and other gases will build up within the property.

3. Secondary Infestations

Birds nesting on a property can cause secondary infestations. Birds carry fleas and mites. And when they nest, the fleas and mites migrate into the property. Seeking other live hosts, and a place to reproduce. Additionally, bird nests attract moths, flies and even beetles. All of which can cause illness and property damage within their own right. So, if you have a bird problem, chances are you have a secondary infestation.

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