Drains and Pest Control FAQ


This week we are answering the most common questions we get asked about drains and the services we offer.

1. Why does a Pest Control company offer drain services?

Ultimate Pest Control provides drain services because more often than not, drain deficits cause rat infestations. A rats main pathway into your home is through your drains. As such, we couldn’t offer our customers rodent riddance programmes without providing drain services. A lot of pest control companies outsource these services but we prefer to keep it in-house. We are one company offering a complete solution.

2. Why do rats live in the sewer systems?

Sewer systems provide the perfect environment for rats to thrive. Firstly, rats need a constant supply of water and food. Food waste and insects are rats main sources of food. Both of which are abundant within a sewer. Secondly, rats like moderate to warm temperatures. Sewer temperatures are quite warm as they are underground, and heated water regularly flows through. And finally, sewers are pitch black. As rats have poor vision this doesn’t bother them. In fact, it is the optimal environment as they utilise their sense of touch and smell.

3. Can rats get into my home through the drains?

Yes, they can. Rats travel the sewers and veer off in search of shelter and food. Holes in drains provide rats with the opportunity to leave the sewers and enter residential drainage systems.

4. Can rats come into my home through the toilet?

Yes, rats can enter your home via the toilet. Rats are extremely flexible, especially their rib cages and vertebrae. So, they can squeeze into the tightest of spaces. Additionally, rats are skilled swimmers. With the ability to swim up to half a mile while holding their breath for 30 seconds. Consequently, manoeuvring a toilet u-bend is easy enough.

5. How do I stop rats coming up my drains?

Stopping a rat infestation is a three-part process. Step one, conducting a rodent riddance programme to kill off the nest. Step two, carry out a CCTV Drain Survey. And finally, repair deficits and install a rat flap to prevent reinfestation.

6. What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drain survey is a thorough inspection of a drainage system using a high spec CCTV camera. It is the easiest way to identify the cause of the infestation. For example, any cracks or deformities within the drains that are allowing the rats access. Additionally, other issues are identified using drain surveys. Such as blockages etc.

7. How long does a CCTV Drain Survey take?

The duration of a survey depends on how large the property is. A rough estimate would be 90 minutes per 3 bedroom terrace house.

8. What is a rat flap?

A rat flap is a stainless steel, non-return valve that is fitted into a sewer drain to prevent rats from accessing a property from the sewer side. While still permitting the flow of water and waste from the property. Essentially, a rat flap is the holy grail of rat prevention.

If you have any further questions about drain, rats or ratflaps, please email us today at sales@ultimatepestcontrol.ie.