Emergency Pest Control


Emergency pest control means treating an infestation ASAP. Treating pest problems early is best. As a prolonged rodent, insect or wildlife infestations cause illness and property damage. However, not all pest problems are obvious in the beginning. Often, pests are only discovered when an infestation has grown too big. As the number of pests increases, the activity becomes noticeable. Pests become active during the day. Competing for food. At this stage, the infestation is out of hand. And illness and property damage is likely.

Finding a pest in your home can be distressing. Nobody enjoys sharing space with pests. Most of our customers request immediate service. And we aim to schedule them as soon as possible. However, not all pest problems require emergency service.

Non-Emergent Problems

Certain infestations are non-emergent. Typically, these infestations are caused by insects. For example, woodworm and moth infestations are non-emergent. Woodworm and moth infestations go unnoticed for long periods of time. And yes they do require treatment. However, waiting a week for treatment won’t cause any more problems.

Whereas, other infestations can grow considerably in a week. Infestations such as rats, mice, wasps, flies, bed bugs, cockroaches and ants. In addition to the rate of growth, delayed treatment can lead to illness, injury or property damage. Therefore, we provide emergency pest control to homes or businesses dealing with these pests. Additionally, we provide emergency wildlife services.

Ultimate Pest Control’s Emergency Service

UPC provides same-day emergency service. To commercial and residential customers. Both current and new. Meaning, in the event of an active infestation, our technician will be out with you the very same day. Our technicians are on the road from 7 am 7 days per week.

It is worth noting that emergency policies differ by the pest control company. Some companies provide same day service. While others have long wait times. And most companies charge emergency call-out fees.

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