Flea Infestations – 5 Things You Should Know


Flea infestations are uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Many pet owners are somewhat familiar with fleas. However, the more you know, the better prepared you will be in the event of an infestation.

1. Flea infestations increase in spring

Fleas thrive in warm weather. So, it stands to reason that infestations increase as the weather improves. And peak at the height of summer. Warm conditions provide ample opportunity for reproduction and growth. So, it is important to stay vigilant at this time. And keep a close eye on pets for signs of infestations.

2. Weather conditions influences lifecycle

There are 4 stages in the lifecycle of a flea. Egg, larva, pupa and adult. Under ideal conditions, an egg progresses through the 4 stages into an adult in 21 days. However, decreasing temperatures prolong this process. Dry, cool weather tends to kill adult fleas. However, eggs, larva and pupa can survive. By staying the same. And not progressing to the next stage of the lifecycle. Research shows that fleas can stall these lifecycles for up to a year. However, that is unlikely. As once weather conditions improve, they are happy to move on to the next stage.

3. Use preventative measure year round

As fleas are more prominent in spring and summer, many pet owners neglect flea prevention protocols in the winter. However, this is a big mistake. Yes, fleas thrive in the warmer months. However, they don’t just disappear in winter. So, a pet can pick up an infestation at any time. Consequently, utilise prevention measures year-round.

4. Large infestations happen fast

Female fleas lay somewhere between 20 to 50 eggs per day. Meaning a single female flea can cause a major infestation in less than two months. One flea can turn into 20,000 fleas in a mere 60 days. Of course, the rate of reproduction is dependent on a number of environmental factors. But this is possible if the conditions are right.

5. Flea infestations are hard to eradicate

Infestations are hard to eradicate. Especially if relying on over the counter treatments. Most of these treatments will kill adult fleas. However, the eggs and pupae will survive. And once they move through the lifecycles, the infestation will reoccur.

A professional flea treatment is essential to ensure eradication. Living with fleas is uncomfortable for both humans and pets. So don’t waste time and money on over the counter treatments. As they only offer a reprieve and not a solution.

Have you spotted the signs of a flea infestation?

Act now if you suspect a pet has brought fleas into your home. Do not wait for one to turn to thousands. Call or email Ultimate Pest Control today for an effective flea solution!