Getting Rid Of Silverfish From Your Home

Silverfish are very common pests. As discussed in last week’s blog post. Silverfish lay up to 60 eggs per day. So, a small infestation turns into a large infestation fast. Getting rid of silverfish is not easy. However, it is possible.

1. Seal and store food properly

Firstly, take away their nourishment. Seal and store food in airtight containers. Especially dry goods. For example rice, pasta, flour, and cereal. And even pet food. Cutting off access to food makes it harder for silverfish to eat. Without easy access to starchy foods, reproduction slows down. As they have to search for food. Therefore, they don’t have time to reproduce. This keeps silverfish infestation populations from exploding.

2. Getting rid of silverfish by decluttering

Never leave old magazines, newspapers or books lying around. This is an open invitation for a silverfish infestation. As silverfish love eating these materials. Declutter every room in your home. Get rid of anything you do not need. And organise a storage solution for any items you keep. Store any valuables or keepsakes in airtight bins. Especially in damp or warm rooms, such as the attic or basement.

3. Reduce humidity levels

Silverfish love moist and humid environments – so take that away as well. There are a few options for this. Firstly, use a dehumidifier. Relative humidity levels of above 50% over the year will encourage the silverfish population to thrive. Using the dehumidifier to lower these levels will make the conditions unconducive.

Secondly, keep all rooms well ventilated. And don’t forget the attic! Proper ventilation works to reduce moisture levels. Therefore, making your home unconducive to huge silvefish infestations. Thirdly, remember to check for issues like faulty plumbing. This can contribute to areas of the building having excessive moisture. Also, ensure that the gutters and downspouts are clear. As this allows water to flow away.

Some additional measures include sealing exterior cracks using caulk. And mopping up those spills as soon as they occur.

4. Get some Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

This powder consists of the remains of fossilised diatoms. Coming into contact with the DE destroys the outer waxy coating of the silverfish. This in turn results in moisture loss from their bodies, and eventual death. Sprinkling the DE around the baseboards, cupboards, and other areas where you suspect that the bugs are will help in reducing their populations.

5. Hire professional pest control to get rid of silverfish

This pest is tough to completely get rid of. Firstly, their flat bodies mean that there will be plenty of areas they can seek shelter in. Secondly, they move around pretty fast. And hide immediately once the lights are turned on. Being nocturnal adds to the problem, since it will be harder to spot them. DIY pest control methods will likely end up being more trouble than they are worth. And ultimatly will just waste time and money. On the other hand, a trained professional with both the skills and equipment needed when dealing with silverfish infestations will be better placed to identify the areas where the pests are residing, and apply the appropriate treatment measures to rid you of the nuisance.

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