Mouse Traps: Do they work?


Customers regularly ask, do mouse traps effectively eliminate mice? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question. As yes, traps can be useful in certain circumstances. However, in most cases, traps will not work. More often than not a professional mice control solution is necessary.

Traps as an effective solution

Traps are effective in some circumstances. For example, when dealing with one or two mice that just wandered in from outside. In search of food and shelter. In this case, traps can work. Once they’re located in the right place and baited correctly. However, it is important to act fast! Especially if you suspect the mice are building a nest indoors.

When using mouse traps, it is important to use them correctly. Place traps in a location the mice frequent. Preferably along the route from the nest to the food source. Baiting the trap correctly is also important. Mice rather the likes of peanut butter over cheese. But don’t add too much. Too much bait allows mice to get the food while avoiding setting the trap off.

When traps won’t work

Mouse traps will not work when dealing with an infestation. And one or two mice can turn into an infestation fairly fast. Mice can start breeding from 8 weeks old and a female can have up to ten pups per litter. Gestation only takes 3 weeks, and one mouse can have up to 10 litters per year. A couple of mice can turn into 50 mice in just a matter of weeks!

Even if trapping appears to be working, the rate of population growth outweighs the number of mice trapped. For every mouse trapped there could be ten pups being born.

Mice learn to avoid traps

Additionally, traps eventually stop working. As mice learn to avoid them. Mice are smarter than humans give them credit for. Only travelling in familiar places, with one side of their bodies against a wall. And avoiding open spaces. This behaviour helps them stay alive by avoiding traps.

Mice have a great sense of smell which also allows them to avoid traps. Once they smell a human scent on a trap, they avoid it. Additionally, smelling dead mice on a trap teaches them to avoid particular areas. That scent warns them of the dangers in that area.

As skittish creatures, mice are always on high alert. Even when eating they do not relax. Meaning if a trap springs while they eat, they react instantly. Therefore, avoiding the trap.

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