4 Industries That Need Pest Control Contracts


Pest control contracts keep businesses safe from infestation and contamination. Consequently, allowing businesses to run smoothly. Without worrying about unwanted visitors roaming freely. There is no official list of businesses requiring pest control contracts. However, there should be. And while we believe every business can benefit from having a contract in place. Today, we want to focus on the 4 types of business that benefit the most by having a pest control contract.

1. Restaurant Pest Control Contracts

Restaurants in Ireland require pest control contracts. For many reasons. Firstly, handling, storing or distributing food legally requires an active pest control solution. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland oversees this legislation. Breaching these procedures results in fines. And closures.

Secondly, pest activity causes contamination. Left untreated, contamination causes illnesses. Rats, mice, cockroaches and flies all spread disease. Not having a solution leaves staff and customers vulnerable to illness.

Thirdly, restaurants thrive on reputation. Customers spotting a live infestation, or becoming ill after eating in your establishment is enough to destroy a restaurant for good. Therefore, why take the risk. Having a pest control contract means there is a proactive plan in place to avoid any of the above eventualities.

2. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Pest control contracts should be in place in all healthcare facilities. People in healthcare facilities are already ill. Thus making them more at risk to pest-borne bacteria and pathogens. Additionally, in the event of an infestation, healthcare staff would also be at risk of contracting an illness. Potentially leading to staff shortages. Why take that chance?

3. Hotels and Lodging Facilities Pest Control Contracts

Businesses such as hotels, B&B’s. Air B&B’s and holiday rentals need commercial pest control. Similarly to restaurants, the hospitality industry thrives on good reviews. Rodents, bed bugs and cockroaches are easily spread in hotels and lodging facilities. And guests will not be happy if faced with these infestations. Especially, as they can catch diseases, or get bitten by these pests. As well as bring the infestation home with them. Consequently, they may share their displeasure online. By leaving a negative review. Resulting in a loss of business as nobody would want to stay in a pest hotel!

4. Property Management Companies

Property management companies would benefit greatly by implementing a commercial contract. Especially property management companies with larger portfolios. However, smaller companies benefit too. There is an abundance of pests that target residential properties. All types of rodents, insects, and even wildlife pests. Untreated pest infestations make renters very unhappy. And pose health and safety risks. Therefore infestations result in high turnover rates. Consequently leading to reputation damage. As well as loss of income.

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