Pest Control Mistakes


Pest control mistakes happen. Mistakes happen within any industry. And in some cases, they are unavoidable. Therefore Ultimate Pest Control can admit that we have made mistakes at times. No business operates without error. However, we often have to fix mistakes made by other pest control companies. But in most cases, these mistakes are avoidable. The 3 issues below are easily avoidable. However, we come across them on a weekly basis.

1. Mistaking Rats for Mice (and vice versa)

The first common pest control mistake we frequently encounter is misdiagnosing rodent infestations. Rats and mice may seem fairly similar to a layman. But a professional should be able to instantly identify the correct species of rodent. Without even having to see a rodent. A variety of factors helps a technician identify the rodent. From behaviours and activity. To food and drink consumption. Additionally, the quantity, size, colour and location of droppings identify rats or mice. Any well-trained technician should easily tell the difference between rats and mice. From that information alone.

A misdiagnosis means using the wrong treatment. Consequently, resulting in an unsuccessful eradication. Or an infestation reoccurrence.

2. Missed Entry Points

Many pest control companies do not provide proofing. Unlike Ultimate Pest Control. But all companies should at least point out all potential entry points. So the customer can seal them up. Therefore preventing reinfestation. However, this is not always the case in our experience. We treat at least one reinfestation per week. And the most common cause is the previous pest control company’s missed entry points.

3. Incorrect baiting is a big pest control mistake

Placing bait is a science. Determined by two factors. Species and location. Firstly, species determines the type of bait required. Consequently, using the wrong bait means an infestation cannot get resolved. Secondly, the location of the bait is critical. Placing bait in unfrequented areas is useless. The bait needs to be in the pests’ regular travel path.

Have You Experienced Any Pest Control Mistakes?

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