4 Tips for a Pest-Free Christmas


Christmas is undisputedly the best time of the year. It is a time for food, drinks, films and spending time with those you love. No one ever considers a pest infestation. Yet, they do happen. As the weather is so cold, pests are seeking shelter. And during the Christmas season, there are a few creative ways for them to gain access to your home. And nobody wants that. So, here are 4 tips to keep your home pest-free this Christmas!

1. Inspect Christmas Trees

There is nothing like a real Christmas tree. Everything from the smell, to the look of them, is quintessential Christmas. Picking the family tree every year are some of my best memories from childhood. This process is an important tradition for many families in Ireland. However, real trees harbour pests. Mostly spiders and insects.

The majority of insects and spiders found in Ireland are harmless. And will more than likely die and fall from the tree after a few days in the heat. But it is still not pleasant to have these pests gatecrash Christmas. Luckily you can avoid this. And have a pest-free Christmas. Firstly, vigorously shake the Christmas tree before bringing it into your home. Dislodging any unwanted pests. Secondly, inspect the branches. Especially around the trunk. Removing any remaining insects or bird nesting materials. Wear gloves while doing this. Bird nests carry disease and bird mites. Better safe than sorry.

Additionally, mice like to make themselves at home in Christmas trees. A mouse seeking shelter will make a beeline for a Christmas tree. Firstly, dense trees offer mice safety and security. Therefore, they feel comfortable enough to nest in them. Secondly, mice are adept climbers. Utilising Christmas trees as ladders. Thus allowing mice access areas of your home they previously couldn’t reach. And finally, mice eat the pine needles from the tree. As well as any edible decorations they find.

Mice living in your Christmas tree is very avoidable. Following the shaking and inspection, place the tree away from doors and windows. This reduces the risk of a mouse making its way into your house and heading straight for the tree. Additionally, regularly clean up fallen pine needles. Pine needles attract mice.

2. Properly Store Christmas Decorations for a Pest Free Christmas

Properly storing Christmas decorations will keep them safe and pest free. We recommend sealable plastic boxes. Rather than cardboard boxes. Plastic is more durable. Whereas cardboard is flimsy. Rats and mice can easily chew through cardboard.

3. Store Firewood Away from Home

Are you lucky enough to have a wood-burning fire? Nothing says Christmas like sitting by a fire while it’s freezing cold outside. Fires themselves don’t cause pest issues. However, storing firewood too close to your home can cause an infestation of rodents or insects. Both of them create nests in bundled firewood. For a pest-free Christmas, we recommend storing firewood at least 25 feet away from your home. And nest amongst your much-loved decorations.

4. Seal Rubbish Bins

This tip is relevant year-round. However, during Christmas waste levels rise by almost 30%. Making this tip worth sharing again. Mice, rats, foxes, squirrels and birds are all attracted to rubbish. Therefore all waste should be sealed and secure in rubbish bins. Preferably located 25 feet away from your home. Thus ensuring a pest-free Christmas.

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