Most Common Pests in Retail Stores


Retail stores are highly vulnerable to a variety of pest infestations. And we don’t just mean food shops. Any type of shop is prone to pest infestations. As there are multiple access points in which pests make their way inside a store. Some access points are more obscure. Such as via the drainage system. However, other entry points are obvious and avoidable. For example, pests walking through the front door. Busy stores deal with constant foot traffic. Meaning the doors are opening and closing all day. So a pest can easily slip in. Additionally, daily deliveries mean the loading bay and warehouse areas are open. Another easy entry point. Despite how easily pests can infest these stores, many non-food retailers opt to not have a pest control contract. Which is a terrible idea. As it leaves them open to many types of infestations. Here are the most common pests in retail:

1. Rodents are the most common pests in retail stores

Rodents are one of the most common pests we deal with in the retail industry. Rats and mice enter shops in a variety of ways. Through external holes, vents, via the roof and even through the front door. However, in the case of rats, they more often than not enter via the drainage system. A rodent infestation can destroy a business. From stock damage to reputational damage. It is hard to come back from a rodent infestation. Imagine the panic that would ensue if a rat or mouse ran across the shop floor. It would be sheer chaos.

2. Insects in retail stores

Flies, ants, moths and cockroaches are all common infestations we see in retail. While these pests are not as off-putting as rodents, they are just as damaging to a business. Flies and ants are very obvious infestations. And customers are unlikely to spend much time in a shop with these pests. Therefore, these infestations can ruin a business’s reputation. Cockroaches and moths are less obvious. However, they are considerably more damaging. These insects will not only ruin a shop’s reputation, but they can destroy stock. As cockroaches eat almost anything. And moths eat clothes and soft furnishing.

3. Wildlife in retail stores

Retail stores are not exempt from wildlife infestations. Especially stores with large warehouses. Birds and squirrels tend to infest these areas. Loading bays tend to have large shutters that stay open for the majority of the day. As deliveries constantly come in. Birds and squirrels utilise these open shutters and come inside. These pests destroy stock and can cause serious illness among staff. Therefore, it is essential to eradicate the infestation as soon as possible.

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