The Rat Flap – Everything You Should Know

Rat Flap

The rat flap goes by many names. Rat stopper, drain blocker, rat valve, and rat blocker to name a few. Whatever you prefer to call them, rat flaps are essential devices when treating rat infestations. However, not a lot of people know about them. Which is surprising. As they are an essential tool for a successful rat control solution. So, here is everything you should know about these devices.

What is a Rat Flap?

A rat flap is a non-return valve. Made from 304 stainless steel. A highly durable, acid resistant material. Once inserted into a drainage system it prevents rats from leaving the sewers and entering a residential or commercial drainage system.

How does it work exactly?

Conducting a drain survey is crucial before installing the device. A drain survey will show any damage within the drains. Rats utilise this damage to escape the sewers and enter the drainage system. Installing a rat flap to a damaged system is pointless. As the rats will still have access to the drains. Repairing the damage is essential. Before installing the rat flap.

Once installed, rats can no longer gain entry. As it is a non-return valve, rats can leave your property, but they cannot come back. And rest assured, the valve does not affect the flow of water and waste.

Are Rat Flaps Effective?

Yes, in our experience they are the single most effective rat infestation solution. They will stop all rats from leaving the sewers and entering a drainage system.

Does all rat infestations require Rat Flaps?

Not necessarily. A rat flap is only necessary if the rats are coming from the drains. More often than not that is the case. As rats live in the sewers. However, construction and obvious access points also cause infestations. Rats utilise cracks and even open doors when they’re seeking shelter. Additionally, an easy to access food source will attract them to a property.

Can I install a rat flap myself?

We would not recommend installing a rat flap without having a working knowledge of a drainage system. And without conducting a drain survey first. The installation of the valve isn’t overly hard. However, incorrectly installing a rat flap does nothing. But allows the infestation to continue. And costs time and money. Therefore, we always recommend hiring a professional.

Can a Rat Flap be preventative?

Yes, rat flaps are the most effective preventative solution. An infestation isn’t necessary to install the valve. In fact, this is becoming more and more common. Our technicians are fitting multiple rat flaps per week, as a preventative measure. Many people have a phobia of rats, so it is worth the peace of mind for them.

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