5 Ways Rats Enter Homes


Many people think rat infestations are rare. This is wildly untrue. While other people assume poor hygiene is the only cause of rat infestations. And technically, that is also untrue. Rat infestations are common. And caused by one thing. Access. If rats can access homes, then they will. It is as simple as that. Now don’t get me wrong, poor hygiene (along with several other factors) can lead to infestations. But without access, there is no infestation. Here are 5 ways, rats enter homes.

1. Rats Enter Homes via the Walls

A little-known fact about rats, they are very flexible. And can fit through holes as small as an inch in diameter. Therefore, they can enter a home via any cracks or crevices on external walls. Once the holes are of greater or equal size. Once a rat encounters a hole, it will use its whiskers to determine whether or not it will fit. If it fits, it will get inside. Therefore, in order to prevent rats from entering your home, proofing is essential.

2. Via the Drains

Rats use drains to gain access to homes and buildings. Rats are amazing swimmers. And need a constant water supply to survive. Therefore, they live in sewers. However, competition for food in the sewer can get too much. So, rats need to find an alternative food source. And in order to do that, they have to leave the sewers. Therefore, they utilise any damaged pipes, to leave the sewers and access household drainage systems. And from there, they either find or create holes in the pipes to enter the home.

3. Via the air vents

Another potential entry point is external air vents. Vents typically have openings wide enough for rats to squeeze through. And given half a chance, rats will utilise them and make their way indoors. Therefore proofing any external air vents is imperative to prevent infestation. Enclosing the vents ensure rats cannot access your home, through this avenue. Just make sure to use the proper materials. The goal is to cut off the rats access while keeping the vent functional.

4. Via the neighbours

If your neighbours have a rat infestation, it is only a matter of time before you do too. Especially if you live in a semi-detached or terraced home. Rat infestations spread so fast through these types of houses. As the rats use any holes they find to go from one house to the next searching for food. Even detached houses aren’t safe once there is an infestation next door. Especially if the infestation started in the drains.

5. Rats enter homes via the front door

The most obvious way that rats enter homes, is by simply walking through the front door. Or the backdoor. Or windows. In Autumn, rats are seeking shelter from the impending cold. Therefore they utilise any chance they can to get indoors. An unmanned, open window or door is just asking for rats to come in and make themselves at home!

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