Rats in Drains – The Ultimate Guide


Rats in drains are more common than people think. Infestations commonly begin in drains. As sewers are the perfect environment for rats. Providing warmth, food and protection. However, high populations can cause competition for food. Therefore, some rats need to leave sewers to find a food supply. Utilising any cracks or crevices within the piping, rats escape the sewers. And make their way into residential and commercial drainage systems. Once they have access to the drainage system, it won’t take long for rats to access the property.

Getting Rid of Rats in Drains – The DIY Way

Successfully getting rid of rats from drains requires a professional. As they have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to treat the problem fast. This is not the time for DIY. Rat infestations are dangerous. As they cause illness and property damage. Damage to the drains can be extensive. The longer the infestation lasts, the more damage they cause. So, if you suspect that you have rats in your drains contact a professional pest control company ASAP.

Getting Rid of Rats in Drains – The Ultimate Solution

1. Inspection to confirm rats in drains

Firstly, our technician will inspect the drains. Looking for signs of rat activity. For example burrow holes, droppings and gnaw marks. Following confirmation of activity, our technician can conduct a drain survey. CCTV drain surveys provide an in-depth assessment of a drainage system. It will flag exactly where the rats are escaping from. For example, are utilising any damaged or collapsed pipes? Or is there holes in the brickwork? This brings us to step 2.

2. Eradication

Secondly, our technicians eradicate the infestation. By placing professional grade rodenticide within the drains. And at various points throughout the entire property. Eradicating the infestation is crucial before any repairs can occur. Proofing before eradication is pointless for two reasons. Firstly, repairs mean cutting off the rats access to the sewers. Essentially trapping them on the property. Where they will die. Causing the property to smell as the rats decompose.

The second issue caused by premature repairs is reinfestation. Rats are creatures of habit. And they are relentless. They will not move on from a safe nesting site that has a food source. Instead, they focus their attention on regaining access. So, they will start burrowing again. In order to reinfest the property. Killing off the active infestation first means that won’t be are any rats remaining that remember the nesting site.

3. Complete Drain Repairs

Drain repairs can commence once all rat activity ceases. Some drains will only require minor repairs. For example, minor patchwork. Like sealing burrows, replacing broken piping, fixing broken drains, etc. Or a rat-flap installation. A rat-flap is a non-return valve. Installing it on the sewer drain blocks rats from entering the drainage system via the sewer pipe. However, it still allows the free flow of water and waste to flow from the drains to the sewer.

However, other drains require more extensive repairs. For example, renovation or complete drain replacement. Our highly skilled technicians carry out all drain repairs.

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