Seasonal Ant Treatment


Ant season has officially begun. And it is back with a bang. Especially with the nice weather, Ireland has been enjoying over the past week. Over the past couple of weeks enquiries about ant infestations have been non-stop. And our technicians have been flat out with ant treatments.

Ultimate Pest Control provides a variety of ant control solutions. Firstly, we offer a once-off treatment. Meaning one visit from a technician to perform one ant spray. Secondly, we provide a 3 part treatment. This is as it sounds. 3 visits by a technician to perform 3 sprays. And finally, we provide a seasonal ant treatment. And it is this treatment that we want to discuss today.

What is a seasonal ant treatment?

Ultimate Pest Control offers seasonal ant treatments from early March through to late Autumn. The treatment consists of three initial visits to treat an active infestation. The technician utilises insecticidal spray and gels to eliminate the infestation over three weeks. Once completed, UPC provides any additional necessary treatments at no extra cost.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

This solution is highly beneficial to our customers for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is the most cost-efficient ant solution we provide. More often than not, ant infestations return. Or new colonies spring up after the other has been eliminated. The seasonal treatment covers the cost of reoccurrence. However, the other treatments are stand-alone. Once the initial treatment is completed, there is no additional support for reinfestations. And in most cases, customers have to purchase a treatment again.

Secondly, the seasonal treatment provides peace of mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the treatment is already covered in the event of a reinfestation?

How long does this treatment cover?

This treatment provides the customer cover for the entirety of the ant season of the year it is purchased. Ant season usually begins in March and typically ends by late Autumn. So if you purchase a seasonal treatment now, it will run until October 2022.

Is there a time when a seasonal treatment isn’t required?

Yes. A seasonal treatment isn’t the best option for every circumstance. Firstly, we wouldn’t recommend a seasonal treatment towards the end of the ant season. As ants naturally move on when the weather gets cold anyway. So, there wouldn’t be the need for a seasonal treatment. In this instance, we would recommend a 3-part treatment. Additionally, a once-off treatment could work. Depending on how large the infestation grew.

15% off Seasonal Treatment

If you are dealing with an active ant infestation, contact us today! Ultimate Pest Control provides an unrivalled solution for ants in Ireland. Our professional treatment guarantees eradication and prevents future infestations. We provide same-day ant control in Dublin and Kildare. Our response time for Leinster is the next day.

We are offering our customers 15% off a Seasonal Ant Treatment. This offer is valid from Wednesday, 29th of March to Wednesday, 6th of April. Please use code ANTSEASON15 when booking.