3 Signs of Squirrels in Attics


Seeing a squirrel scurrying through a wooded area is a delight. Sharing your home with a squirrel, however, is a nightmare. Customers frequently contact us after discovering squirrels in attics. Typically they are shocked. As not many people consider squirrels to infest homes. As they seem to live happily in the wild. However, squirrel infestations are on the rise. And attics are the most common area of a home that squirrels occupy. Catching a squirrel infestation early is crucial. In order to prevent serious problems. And to do that it helps to know the signs of a squirrel infestation.

1. Strange sounds caused by squirrels in attics

The first sign of a squirrel living in an attic is the noise they cause. Sounds include scratching, scampering and chewing. Although rats and mice make similar noises. So it may be hard for a layman to determine the type of infestation they are dealing with. Something that can help determine the infestation type is paying attention to the timing of the noises. Rats and mice are most active at night. However, squirrels are more active in the mornings and evenings. Additionally, squirrel noises can come from chimneys and vents. And are louder and more forceful than a scurrying rat or mice.

2. Foul smells

Squirrels smell bad. And nesting squirrels in attics quickly spread their musty scent throughout an entire property. Especially if they are rearing young indoors. Additionally, squirrel urine and faeces have strong smells. That will waft through the home. Additionally, squirrels sometimes become trapped in walls. And die. Therefore causing a terrible odour that cannot be missed.

3. Property Damage

Squirrels can cause significant property damage. As squirrels chew on almost anything. From wires to insulation materials and even roof shingles. Thus causing holes in walls and roofs, electrical problems, water damage and even ventilation damage. Additionally, they can damage any goods stored in the attic. Clothes and paper materials are shredded for nesting materials.

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