Tension Wire – A Bird Repellent Solution?


Bird infestations are destructive and dangerous. As well as being unsightly and unhygienic. So, it is no wonder that our bird control department has been so busy lately. Many of our customers are opting for a professional bird control solution. As they no longer want to deal with birds invading their homes and businesses. Ultimate Pest Control provides multiple options for bird control. However, we will be focusing on tension wire in today’s blog post.

What is tension wire?

Spring tension wire is a bird repellent solution that works by preventing birds from perching and nesting on surfaces. Using steel posts to support the wire stops birds from landing along the perching areas. Making it impossible for the birds to land in these areas. The wire is versatile, durable and resilient.

How to install tension wire?

The wire installation process can be intricate and time-consuming. Firstly, it is essential to know what birds the wire needs to repel. As the species of bird determines the placement of the wire. Smaller birds require more wire and posts. Secondly, it is essential to map out the area. In order to determine where to drill the post holes. To insert the steel posts. Placing the posts roughly 3 meters apart is optimal. The posts are crucial. As they balance the wire. And finally, once the posts are in position, the wire is fed through the tops of the steel posts. There are springs on the end of each 3-metre length to maintain tension.

Is this a cost-effective solution?

Yes, tension wire is an extremely cost-effective solution. As the wire is stainless steel. Therefore it will never rust. Consequently, the longevity of the solution makes it cost-effective. Additionally, it is worth noting that it is an aesthetically pleasing solution. As the wire is not visible from the ground. Unlike other bird control solutions. For example, bird spikes.

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