5 Reasons Ultimate Pest Control is better than the Industry Leader

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Ultimate Pest Control was established in 2017. By Daniel Ronan. A trained and certified level 3 pest control technician. Daniel worked in pest control for 7 years before he decided to go out on his own. In fact, he worked for the industry leader. Over the years, he noticed the level of service he could offer his customers was decreasing. As the number of clients was increasing. He could no longer allocate the time his customers needed. The sheer volume of jobs had him stretched too thin. And the conveyor-belt approach had him feeling deflated. Daniel knew there was a better way. So, he established Ultimate Pest Control. Using his experience and industry insights to implement the practices he felt made for a better service.

As the Company has grown over the years, the ethos has remained. Provide unrivalled solutions and service to every customer. Maintaining that ethos sets Ultimate apart from the competition. Thus making us the superior pest control company. Which is a bold statement to make. However, we have the facts to back it up. So, here are the 4 reasons why Ultimate Pest Control is better than the industry leader.

1. Customer Led Approach

Ultimate Pest Control offers a more personal and customised service. Our technicians have the tools and autonomy to put the customer first at all times. Our solutions are developed by taking the time to get to know our customers, evaluating their needs, learning about their habits and inspecting their premises. Thus ensuring a successful solution.

Whereas, the industry leader has developed a one size fits all approach. This is due to 3 reasons. Firstly, time is a factor. In such a large organisation, technicians have so many jobs to fit in per day. Consequently, they do not have the time to deviate from standard practice. Secondly, limited technician training. Technicians learn to solve pest problems. But not prevent it from recurring. Training is expensive and time-consuming. And in an organisation with so many employees, it is not feasible to provide advanced training. And finally, they operate under a hierarchical culture. Valuing organisation over everything else. Everything and everyone has a clearly defined role and purpose. As such, there is no room for flexibility.

2. Ultimate Pest Control Offers Additional Services

Ultimate Pest Control offers our customers a complete solution. Let’s explore what that means exactly. Say, for example, a customer calls us with a rodent issue. Our technician surveys the premises identifies the species of rodent and determines the cause of the infestation. Subsequently, implementing a bespoke treatment plan. Most rat infestations require drain surveys. Our technicians have the skills and equipment to do this themselves. Following the initial treatment, our technicians go on to proof the premises. Ensuring the problem will not reoccur.

Drain surveys and proofing are not services that our competition offers. As they focus on high-volume opportunities. Meaning they provide basic services, but squeeze in as many jobs as they can in a day. We save our customers so much time and money by providing these services. It means they are not hiring 3 different companies, to solve one issue.

3. Level of Care

Ultimate Pest Control provides a level of care that the competition isn’t structured to provide. We can afford to take the time to solve the whole problem. And listen to our customers. As our technicians are not bogged down with targets and deadlines.

Every Ultimate Pest Control technician has a genuine love for their job. They take pride in their work. Which immensely benefits our customers. Who is going to do a better job? The person that cares about their work? Or the person that is under pressure to complete 10+ jobs in a day.

4. Ultimate Pest Control Response Time

As we take on a lower volume of clients, we offer a faster response time. Aiming to be out to you same day. The industry leader, however, has a 3 or 4 day response time. Which is not ideal when you are sharing your space with a pest.

5. Culture

It is a fact that staff in smaller companies are happier than those in larger organisations. And I’m grateful to say the same is true for the Ultimate Pest Control team. Every member of our team is passionate about pest control and motivated to see our business succeed. We have cultivated a happy, proactive and supportive workplace. Which all our customers benefit from.

Larger companies cannot maintain this culture. Firstly, implementing rules and policies is necessary for a large organisation. It is important to have everyone on the same page. Otherwise, chaos would ensue. Secondly, large companies utilise a hierarchy system. Technicians answer to supervisors, supervisors answer to regional managers etc. This risk-averse approach leads to a stifling work environment.