3 Tips to Prevent Birds Nesting on your Property


Bird mating season starts in spring. Meaning that birds are currently looking for nesting sites. In order to lay their eggs. In recent years, nesting within properties has increased. Mainly as a result of natural habitat loss. Let’s be honest, nobody wants birds nesting on their property! As they are loud and unsanitary. And can cause property damage and illness. And not forgetting to mention secondary infestations. Luckily, there are ways to avoid a bird infestation. So, here are our top tips to prevent birds from taking up residence on your property.

1. Ensure the exterior is clear from rubbish and gardening debris

Birds utilise found materials to build nests. In many cases, they opt for natural materials. Such as grass, leaves and twigs. However, using rubbish is not unheard of. Especially if it is easily accessible. Properties with easy access to food debris and nesting materials attract birds. Similarly to other pests. Consequently, birds are highly likely to nest in these properties. As it is convenient. Therefore, keeping gardens clean is imperative. Keeping bins sealed tightly and regularly sweeping up any fallen leaves or cut grass can prevent birds from nesting on your property.

2. Regularly check the roof

Regularly check the roof for any holes or gaps. We recommend checking twice per year. Birds utilise these gaps to access the eaves. This is a favoured nesting site. As it provides warmth, shelter and protection from predators. Sealing any gaps and holes is crucial. Consequently, it is the only way to ensure a bird can’t nest there. We provide professional bird proofing. Yet DIY is an option. However, do not waste time. Seal it up there and then. Don’t give birds the opportunity to spot the gap.

3. Utilise Deterrents to Stop Birds Nesting

Utilising bird deterrent and repellent solutions guarantees birds can’t nest on your property. One of the most common deterrent solutions is bird spikes. Placing these metal spikes along the roof deters birds from landing there. As birds perceive them as dangerous. Therefore they avoid landing near them. Meaning they don’t have the opportunity to nest. Spiking is one of the most common deterrents for buildings. However, not everyone likes how they look.

Therefore, Bird Free is a better solution. As it is just as effective. Although, it is a lot more discreet and aesthetically pleasing. Bird Free is a gel repellent solution. That is non-toxic and non-harmful. The gel comes in small, clear containers. And is adhered to perching sites. Making them invisible from the ground. Activated by UV light, the gel repels birds by making them believe the roof is on fire.

Additionally, netting is an effective deterrent. Although it can be expensive. And only necessary for large spaces.

Have You Experienced Birds Nesting on your Property?

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