5 Tips to Keep Rodents Out This Winter


Keeping rodents out of your home is important at any time of the year. However, as the weather gets cooler, rodent infestations increase. Rodent infestations are unpleasant. Regardless of whether it is rats or mice. So why not do everything you can to prevent an infestation, while you can. To prevent rodents in your home, you need to prevent them in your garden. Follow our 5 step prevention process to ensure you are rodent-free this winter.

1. Keep rodents out of your garden by eliminating food debris

Firstly, food debris will attract rodents to a property. Bird feeders, pet food bowls and unclean floors all contribute. If you have a bird feeder, it is important that you regularly clean the fall out from the feeder. As the seeds and grain attract rodents. Additionally, if you have a bird feeder, keep it as far away from your home as possible. So if a rodent is there for the food, there is less chance of them wandering into your home.

Pet food bowls should never be left outside, unattended. And they should be cleaned up as soon as the pet has finished their meal. Additionally, pet food should be stored in a sealed container. Especially if it is stored in the garden or in a shed.

2. Keep rubbish bins sealed

Secondly, rubbish bins are a major attractor of rodents. Ensure bins are always sealed, as exposed rubbish is asking for an infestation.

3. Keep rodents out of your garden by landscaping

Thirdly, maintaining a neat garden will deter rodents from settling there. And keeping rodents out of your garden means you will keep them out of your home. Rodents require a safe, and warm place to nest. Mice particularly like to nest in dense shrubbery and areas of high vegetation. As they can hide and protect themselves and their young. While rats tend to burrow under sheds and decking. Overgrown gardens are much more likely to have infestations. Reducing hiding places will make your garden less hospitable. Therefore, regular garden maintenance is essential for rodent prevention.

4. Block all entry points

Our fourth tip is probably our favourite. We talk about pest proofing a lot. And that is because it is the single most important thing you can do to keep rodents out of your home. Proofing is a tedious but effective method of rodent prevention. Inspect your home for potential entry points. Inspect all walls – inside and outside – doors, windows, under the kitchen baseboards, and the attic. Using cement, seal any foundation holes or crevices that are 6mm or bigger. Pay particular attention to utility openings where pipes or wires enter the foundation. Use caulk to seal cracks and crevices around doors and windows. Fit external doors with door sweeps.

Proofing alone should be enough to prevent mice. However, rats are a bit trickier. As rats live in sewers they tend to enter homes via drainage systems. Therefore, to protect against rats, we would recommend a drain survey and rat flap.

5. Keep doors and windows closed

And finally, it may seem obvious but keeping all external doors and windows closed is essential in keeping rodents out. Especially in the late evening/night when rodents are most active. An open door is an invitation for a rat or mouse to walk right in and make themselves at home. Especially this time of year when they are looking for a warm place to nest for winter. Keep shed and garage doors closed also. As they will nest there too.

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So there you have it. 5 simple tips to prevent rodents this winter. Let us know if you implement any of our tips. And if you need our help, dealing with a rodent infestation, contact us today!