Complete Pest Control Solutions


Ultimate Pest Control provides complete pest control solutions. This is a statement we make a lot. But what does it mean exactly? Today, we answer the most common questions we receive about our solutions.

1. What is a complete pest control solution?

It is exactly what it sounds like. A solution for every aspect of a pest problem. An active infestation is only one part of a pest problem. One major problem is how pests access a property. As well as the damage they cause. Pests cause property damage, secondary infestations, illness and mess. At Ultimate Pest Control, we treat the problem as a whole. Using our four-step complete pest control solution.

2. How is UPC’s solution different to our competitors?

Most pest control companies deal with eradication. So, they come in, kill off the live infestation, and consider it a job well done. Now technically, there is nothing wrong with this method. If they clearly state that they only provide eradication. Once the initial infestation is cleared, they have done their job. However, eradication only resolves the current infestation. And solving that alone is only a temporary solution.

3. What is the four step complete pest control solution?

So, firstly we conduct a site inspection. Identifying the type of infestation is a priority. Effective eradication is only possible once the species is correctly identified. Most pests have multiple species. Such as rats, mice, ants, and cockroaches. And different species respond to different treatment methods. Therefore, species identification is crucial. Following identification, we discern the cause of the infestation. Identifying and flagging potential entry points. Additionally, noting any environmental factors that may have led to the infestation.

Secondly, we eradicate the infestation. The infestation determines the eradication method. Regardless of the specifics, eradication is guaranteed! However, the timeline depends on a number of factors. For example, the size of the infestation. Take cockroaches for example. One treatment would eradicate a small infestation. However, large infestations can take up to 6 weeks. Additionally, some pests can cause secondary infestations. For example, birds cause fleas and bird mites. Treating secondary infestations is crucial. But it can be more time-consuming.

Thirdly, we protect against reinfestation. Sealing and proofing any potential entry points. And advising on additional preventative measures. Without proofing, the pest problem is not solved. As the pests still have access to the property. So, reinfestation is highly likely. Especially in the case of rats. Rats more often than not, gain access to a property via the drains. Therefore, rat infestations require a drain survey. And may require drain repairs. Services we can provide. And finally, we conduct follow up inspections. To ensure the treatment was a success. Additionally, we provide service contracts. Mostly to commercial clients. However, residential contracts are becoming more popular. We also provide cleaning services. As pest infestations are messy.

4. What is the cost of this solution?

Prices depend on the pest. However, if you need a quote, call or email us now!