The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid Of Mice


Mice infestations are rampant this time of year. As a result of the weather getting colder. Consequently, leading mice to search for warm nesting sites. Getting rid of mice can be tricky. And sometimes impossible, without a professional solution. Ultimate Pest Control has dealt with thousands of mice infestations across Ireland. And at this point, we have seen it all. We know how mice behave, and we know how to get rid of mice for good.

Getting Rid of Mice the DIY Way

Getting rid of mice is not as simple as laying mouse traps. Yes, traps can work in certain circumstances. Mostly when there is only a single mouse. However, in order for traps to be successful, they must be set correctly. In the right location. And with the right bait. Mice are skittish. And habitual. As such, they are very intentional about their movements. Therefore, knowing their behaviours is crucial. Especially, if you are to rely on traps alone.

Traps are ineffective at treating infestations. Even if trapping seems to be working. And you are catching mice. Trapping alone cannot solve the problem. For three reasons. Firstly, mice reproduce fast. Females have up to 10 pups per litter. And can have ten litters per year. Mice reach sexual maturity in 3 weeks. And gestation only takes 3 weeks. Consequently, mice infestations escalate fast. One pregnant mouse can turn to 50 mice in less than 2 months. So yes your traps may catch a couple of mice per week. However, for everyone caught, there could be ten more being born.

Secondly, mice are smart. As a result, they learn to avoid traps. So, you may catch a few, to begin with. And then none. So, you think the problem is solved. However, the mice have just learned to stay away from the traps. And finally, even if you trap every mouse in your house, the problem is still not solved. As the house wasn’t proofed. Inspections and proofing are essential to successfully eradicating mice. Not sealing entry points guarantees a reinfestation.

Professional Mice Control

Professional pest control is the safest and most effective way to solve a mouse infestation. A professional understands mice behaviours and patterns. And has the experience necessary to successfully treat the problem. Additionally, a pest control company uses professional rodenticide. Rodenticides effectively poison mice. Legally only trained professionals can handle rodenticides. As they could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

In Ireland, a PMU number is a legal requirement for all pest control technicians. It takes 9 months of training to obtain a PMU number. Upon completion of training, technicians can apply for a PMU number. Licensing them to purchase and use rodenticide. It is worth mentioning, that not all pest control companies abide by this law. So, if you hire a pest control professional, you are well within your rights to request to see their PMU number.

Getting Rid of Mice – The Ultimate Solution

There is a formula to getting rid of mice. One we have perfected over our many years in business. Our complete mouse control solution ensures swift eradication. And prevention from reinfestation.

Step 1: Identify

  • Firstly, we identify the source of the infestation.
  • Then, the cause of the infestation.
  • And finally, the entry points.

Step 2: Eradication

  • Our tailored treatments ensure fast and safe eradications
  • Guaranteed eradication.

Step 3: Protection

  • Our technicians proof the property
  • Seal up all potential entry points. Which protects against reinfestation
  • Additionally, our technicians advise on other preventative measures.

Step 4: Maintain

  • Follow up inspections ensure the treatment was successful
  • And at this point we can provide disinfection treatments
  • And service contracts, if necessary.

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