Should Landlords Pay Pest Control Bill?

landlord pay pest control

Ah, the age-old question – should landlords pay pest control bills? Or is the onus on the tenant? Many of our customers frequently ask this question. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as many people would like.

Do landlords have a legal obligation to pay for pest control?

No, there is no legal obligation for landlords to cover the cost of every professional pest control solution. However, in some situations, the landlord is responsible for payment. Although, in other cases, it is up to the tenant to cover the costs. In our experience, some landlords are happy to cover pest control costs for their tenants. As they are happy knowing their tenants are looking after their properties. However, there are always landlords that are unwilling to pay the costs themselves.

When should the landlord pay pest control costs?

Landlords are responsible to cover the cost of pest control if the cause of infestation is property damage. Property damage such as holes in walls or pipes causes recurrent rodent issues. And roof damage can cause some bird issues. According to the 2004 Tenancies Act, a landlord’s duty is to maintain the property. Therefore, pest issues caused by property damage are down to the landlord. A pest control technician can identify the cause of infestation.

When are the tenants responsible?

Tenants are responsible to cover pest control costs if their actions are what caused the infestation. For example, they let rubbish build up, thus attracting rodents. Or constantly leaving doors or windows open. Therefore allowing rodents to just wander in. Leaving pet food bowls or food unattended, thus attracting ants.

Grey Areas

Many infestations are blameless. Like wasp nests. In cases like these, it is important to determine who is paying prior to the treatment. Some tenants wrongly assume the landlord will reimburse the cost. And if the landlord refuses, the cost lands on the tenant.

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Regardless of the infestation, Ultimate Pest Control can identify the cause. Therefore, making it easier to determine who covers the bill. Call or email Ultimate Pest Control today for a free quote!