Resolving a Recurrent Rat Infestation


A recurrent rat infestation is a common problem we often deal with. Customers contact us near breaking point. Having been dealing with rat infestations for some time. In some cases years! And despite pest control companies claiming to fix the problem, the infestations keep coming back. In this week’s blog post we are breaking down the most common causes of recurrent infestations.

Causes of Recurrent Rat Infestation

Infestations reoccur for a variety of reasons. Some reasons are avoidable. Especially those caused by the pest controller. However, some obstacles make reinfestation inevitable. And in these cases, even the best pest control company cannot help.

Inadequate Pest Control:

The main cause is usually inadequate pest control. For example, using the wrong bait. Or inefficient proofing. Or worse still, no proofing at all! All pest control companies should guarantee successful eradication. And ensure infestations cannot reoccur. Providing a complete pest control solution is the only way to prevent reinfestation. And with a rat infestation, this means completing a drain survey. Therefore, identifying any damage within the drains. And consequently, completing the repairs. However, not all pest control companies provide these services. Therefore, they have high rates of reinfestation. It is our complete solution that sets Ultimate Pest Control apart from all other companies. As we always manage to discover and resolve the cause of the infestation.

The customer fails to follow the advice:

The second cause of a reoccurring infestation is the failure to act. Some customers fail to undergo the necessary work to ensure the infestation cannot come back. For example, drain repairs. Or rat flap installation. There are a variety of reasons for this. Maybe the necessary work is out of budget. Or following the initial eradication complacency sets in. Therefore the customer deems the repairs unnecessary. Consequently, the infestation reoccurs. In this case, the pest controller is not responsible.

Third-party hindrance causes recurrent rat infestation:

And the final cause of a reoccurring infestation is usually a third-party hindrance. Typical culprits include neighbours and landlords. For example, a landlord refusing to pay for repairs. Or a neighbour refusing to repair drain damage on their end. Consequently, the rats return. Again, the pest controller is not responsible in this instance.

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