Bad Pest Control Practices


There are many pest control companies in Ireland. A quick Google shows just that. However, not all pest control companies operate the same. Consequently, not all pest control companies are worth hiring. As they are ineffective, unreliable or untrustworthy. Utilising bad pest control practices just to earn as much as they can. As quick as they can. And with as little overhead as possible. Leaving customers out of pocket and with an unresolved pest issue. Don’t fall victim to a company that operates this way! Here are the three most common bad pest control practices we often come across. So you can learn to spot and therefore avoid these types of companies.

1. The untrained and unlicensed technician

The first bad practice is a company using untrained and unlicensed technicians. In Ireland, pest control technicians must be trained and licensed. Training includes classroom-based learning and practical experience. And takes 9 months to complete. Eventually, culminating in exams. Once a technician passes these exams, they can obtain a PMU number. A PMU number allows a technician to use pesticides and rodenticides. Without a PMU number, a person legally cannot handle these hazardous poisons. Therefore, they cannot provide even basic pest control services.

Unfortunately, untrained and unlicensed technicians are not uncommon in Ireland. Even within some of the larger companies. Especially as there is a shortage of technicians within the industry right now. Consequently, some pest control companies do not wait for a technician to become fully trained and licensed. Therefore, they just teach them the basics. And send them out on the road. Hoping for the best.

You can avoid using companies with unlicensed technicians. By simply asking to see the PMU number. Some technicians may provide a colleague’s number. Or claim they are licensed under the company’s number. However, that is not possible. PMU numbers are individual to a technician.

2. One spray fixes all pest control practices

The second bad pest control practice we often see is the “one spray fixes all” lie. One insecticidal treatment will rarely solve an insect infestation. In most cases, it takes a minimum of three treatments to eradicate an infestation. However, some pest control companies claim one treatment does the trick. And why do they do that? Because when the infestation inevitably returns, the customer calls again. Needing a second treatment. Therefore, the company can charge for a full treatment again. Consequently, earning more than the cost of a multiple treatment bundle. In just two individual treatments.

Pest control companies should provide a variety of treatment options and price points. And in some cases, customers may only want one treatment. Which is fine, once they are told how ineffective a single treatment may be.

3. The disappearing technician

The final bad pest control practice we see is the disappearing technician. In this case, the customer hires a pest control company to complete a riddance programme. And the technician comes out to do the initial treatment. And maybe even the second treatment. However, he never returns to finish the job. So the customer is left out of pocket and still has a pest problem.

In order to avoid this bad practice, ensure you are hiring a reputable company. Read Google reviews. And agree to a schedule of service before the first treatment. Most pests take more than one visit to eradicate. And a reputable pest control company will explain the timeline before payment is even mentioned. Read all about our complete pest control solution to understand the level of service a decent pest control company provides.

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