Pets and Pest Control FAQ


Pets are typically part of the family. So, it stands to reason that our customers often worry about their pets when they have a pest issue. Here are the questions customers frequently ask us in relation to pets and pest control.

Is a rodent treatment dangerous if I have a pet?

Rodent treatments can be dangerous to pets. If they consume the rodenticide. However, this is easily avoidable with proper precautions. Technicians place rodenticide in inaccessible areas. Such as attics, under kitchen counters and in drains. It is impossible for pets to access rodenticides in these areas. Although, in some cases, using rodenticide outdoors is necessary. However, storing it in a metal bait box keeps it away from pets. These boxes are inaccessible to dogs, cats, rabbits or birds. As the opening is too small. Additionally, they are fairly inconspicuous. So most pets never seem to notice they are there. However, if your pet is sniffing around the bait box, it is worth keeping an eye on them. Better safe than sorry.

Is it safer to treat with non-toxic bait if I have pets?

Non-toxic bait is available to treat a rodent infestation. As well as trapping programmes. However, neither solution is as fast-acting or effective as using rodenticide. And choosing non-toxic bait due to having a pet may not be the safest option. Especially if you are dealing with a rat infestation. And have a dog. Prolonging a rat infestation to protect your dog from rodenticide could put them in danger of contracting a deadly disease. Rats carry leptospirosis and parvovirus. Both of which can be fatal to dogs.

Can I treat a wasp nest if I have a pet?

Yes, a wasps nest treatment is perfectly safe for pets. However, we do advise keeping all animals and people away from the nest for up to 24 hours after the treatment. This is because wasps become aggressive and are more likely to sting post-treatment. A wasp treatment takes anything from 3 to 24 hours to fully work. Depending on the size of the nest. Once the nest is dead, it is safe to let animals roam free again.

Are insect sprays dangerous for pets?

It is not safe for pets to be in the room when spraying for insects. So for outdoor sprays, we recommend bringing pets indoors. And vice versa for indoor sprays. However, once the spray dries in, the animal is safe to return to the area. This typically takes one hour max.

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