Pigeon Infestation Solution: A Case Study


About a week ago we received a call about a persistent pigeon infestation, in South County Dublin. The customer lives on the top floor of a 4 story apartment building. And she was at her wit’s end dealing with pigeons. Constantly landing, nesting and fouling on the balcony. With a balcony covered in faeces and pigeons taking up residence there around the clock, our customer couldn’t use her own balcony. And despite contacting several other pest control companies and the building management company, she could not find anyone that could offer a solution. So, after she called UPC, we sent out a bird control expert to help solve this problem.

Pigeon Infestation Solution

Before recommending any solution, our technician needed to conduct an inspection of the balcony. As there are multiple bird control options available. Therefore, it is important to inspect the infested area, to see what solution will work best.

The best and most obvious solution for this infestation was bird netting. Initially, our customer didn’t want a net for aesthetic reasons. However, after showing her a transparent net she agreed happily. Although


that wasn’t the only issue. The typical bird net installation method was not possible. As the building management company forbids adhering the net to the outside of the balcony. This is due to the glass walls surrounding the balcony. The management company clean these walls regularly throughout the year. And they would rip the netting down in order to access the glass. So, our technician came up with another idea.


So installing the net on the inside of the balcony became the only option. Mounting the guide wire inside the balcony, as opposed to on the outside. The installation was relatively straightforward. Our technician works fast while ensuring the installation is precise. Any gap can compromise the solution. All in all the installation process took no more than a few hours. And just like that, the pigeons no longer have balcony access.

Balcony Pigeon Infestation Conclusion


After completing the installation, the balcony is immediately infestation free. And then the clean-up process began. Bird droppings carry germs that cause serious illness. Therefore, a professional clean-up is essential following an infestation. Additionally, our technician treated for secondary infestations, like bird mites. From inspection to sourcing materials, to the installation and clean-up, this job only took a few days. After months of sharing her balcony with pigeons, our customer is happy to have it back to herself!

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