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This is the third part of our bird control series. So far we have discussed tension wire and bird spiking. Today, we are breaking down bird netting as a deterrent solution.

What is bird netting?

Bird netting is a popular bird control method. As it protects structures from pest bird infestations. Installing a bird net around areas that birds frequent completely cuts off the birds’ access to that area. It is a common solution for the agriculture industry and industrial areas. However, it also has domestic uses.

Bird nets come in various materials. The material depends on the type of pest bird and the location of the infestation. The most common materials are nylon and polyethylene. Although, stainless steel nets are also popular. However, these nets are only for particular infestations.

How to install bird netting?

Installing bird netting is relatively straightforward. However, we only recommend a using professional bird controller. For multiple reasons. Firstly, the installation needs to be precise. Any gaps no matter how small will compromise the solution. And secondly, it is important to choose the right netting and fixtures. These depend on the infested area and type of pest bird. And only a professional knows what materials work for certain infestations. The installation timeline varies per job. Some jobs take hours. While larger jobs can take days or even weeks.

Is this a humane solution?

Bird netting is a completely humane solution. Probably the most humane bird control solution. As it cannot hurt the birds in any way. It simply works by cutting off the birds’ access.

Is this a cost-effective solution?

Yes, netting is a cost-effective solution. For multiple reasons. Firstly, the netting lasts up to 15 years. Therefore, there are no recurring expenses. And secondly, it is effective for most species of birds. So you won’t have to worry about secondary bird infestations. It is worth noting that it is more cost-effective for large areas rather than small areas. As the netting is typically in large rolls. However, some companies will have netting on hand that they may cut to size.

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