Rodent Infestations Caused by Construction


Rodent infestations are at an all-time high in Ireland. Construction in Ireland is now back in full swing. From home renovations to entire new developments. This is great in many ways. Especially for the economy. And amid a housing crisis, it is great to see new housing developments popping up all over the country. However, construction can bring about unforeseen problems. For example, an increase in rodent infestations.

New Developments Cause Rodent Infestations

Firstly, constructing new developments causes severe rodent infestations. Digging up land to build homes and offices disturbs the rodents that settled in the area. Rats mostly live in sewers and drains. As sewers provide warmth, food and shelter. New developments require new drainage solutions and sewer access. This means digging up the current system. To create new sewer access points. This disrupts the rats causing them to come above ground. In search of a new place to settle.

New developments also cause mice infestations. Again, construction disturbs the land the mice have nested on. Disrupting them and leaving them searching for a new nesting site. And where better to settle than the nearest newly built property?

Local Renovations Can Cause Rodent Infestation

Secondly, local renovation works can cause you rat and mice problems. It doesn’t have to be your home under construction that causes infestation. In fact, an infestation is far more likely if a neighbour is the one undergoing renovations.

Renovations, once again disturb nesting areas. Rats and mice are skittish. Renovation work disturbs their peace. And makes them feel unsafe. The banging, digging and general chaos caused by construction will cause them to flee. And head to the closest, safe and quiet place. In this case, your home.

Home Renovations Can Cause Rat & Mice Problems

Thirdly, home renovation can result in a personal infestation. While construction is more likely to cause issues for the neighbours, a personal infestation isn’t unheard of. Especially if the work is an extension. Constructing extensions provides multiple entry points to the rodent. From knocking down walls to digging up manholes, and creating new structures, renovation work is an open invitation for rats and mice. Rodents are skittish. But they are also opportunistic. So, they will utilise any access points they find.

Modern Buildings

Modern housing developments are ideal locations for rodents to settle. New homes are preferable to older homes. New builds have fresh insulation, perfect for nesting. Ducting connects the rooms, making it easy to get around. In search of food etc. And hollow walls leave rodents plenty of space to roam unseen. Meanwhile, older homes with solid walls and minimal insulation is a less attractive option.

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