Are DIY Rodent Products Effective?


Rodent infestations are the most common pest problem we deal with. Customers call us daily with infestations. Needing service ASAP. However, some customers want advice on treating the infestation themselves. And they usually want to know what DIY rodent products are effective.

Are traps effective rodent products?

We discussed using traps, in detail, in a previous blog post. Please read that post to get the full breakdown of the effectiveness of traps. However, we will summarise it here. Traps can be effective rodent control products, given the right circumstances. Firstly, the infestation must be small. Ideally, less than a week old. Secondly, the correct bait must be in use. For example, peanut butter. So as to entice the rodent. Rodents will avoid traps if the bait doesn’t appeal to them. And finally, place the trap in the correct location. Rodents are creatures of habit. Travelling the same routes to and from food sources. Therefore, place the trap along their route. As they will not deter from their safety zone.

Do we recommend using traps?

We recommend traps only under the circumstances listed above. However, for larger infestations, we recommend a professional solution. Additionally, if the infestation is still active after a month of traps, please consider a professional solution.

Are DIY poisons effective rodent products?

Professional grade poisons and rodenticides are highly effective at killing off rodent infestations. However, only trained and qualified technicians can use them. A member of the public using professional-grade poison is illegal. Not to mention highly dangerous. As misuse puts domestic animals, people, non-targeted wildlife and the environment at risk. However, less potent rodenticides are available for amateur use. In fact, these are wildly available in garden centres, DIY stores and even supermarkets. Unfortunately, these are not very effective. For multiple reasons. Firstly, they are substantially weaker than professional-grade poisons. Meaning they may not be strong enough to kill off an infestation. And secondly, the product needs to be located correctly. In an area frequented by rodents. Somewhere along their route. However, nowhere too obvious as they avoid new things.

Do we recommend using DIY poisons?

No, we highly recommend avoiding any DIY poison rodent products. Using professional-strength poison is dangerous and illegal. Meanwhile, shop-bought products are useless and a waste of money.

Contact UPC to avoid DIY rodent products

DIY pest control may seem cheap and easy, however, more often than not it is a waste of time and money. Rodent products may be available in stores. However, without pest control skills or knowledge, the products are useless. Call or email Ultimate Pest Control today for a solution you can trust!