5 Reasons to Work in Pest Control


Ever wanted to work in pest control? Well then, we have some good news for you! Ultimate Pest Control is hiring pest control technicians. We need both technicians with training and experience and trainee technicians. A career in pest control is exciting and lucrative. Although, many people shy away from applying because they feel it is hard and messy. So, we thought we would shine a light on what working in pest control is really like.

1. Work in pest control for job security

We’ve all heard the news. And we’re all feeling the pinch of inflation. Ireland is heading towards a recession. This is terrible news for many industries. However, professional pest control businesses will be largely unaffected. Fortunately for us, pest control is a recession-proof industry. Rodents, insects and wildlife still cause infestations, even during recessions. Therefore, pest control services remain essential.

2. Freedom in the workplace

Pest control is an industry that allows staff the freedom and autonomy to work independently. Once a technician completes all their work, they have the flexibility to create their schedules. They decide what time to start, and what time to finish. Technicians book jobs themselves. And don’t have anyone dictating their day.

3. No two days are ever the same

Pest control is one of the most versatile industries. No two days are ever the same. In fact, no two jobs are ever the same. Technicians go from residential jobs to commercial jobs, easy jobs to hard jobs. Some jobs take two minutes. While other jobs require more attention and out-of-the-box thinking to resolve. It is very hard to get bored in a pest control career.

4. Pest Control is a lucrative industry

There is significant money to be made in pest control. Especially for the right person. Not only is the starting salary extremely competitive but there are experienced-based pay rises. Additionally, Ultimate Pest Control offers technicians commission and overtime. It is also worth noting that pest control is an industry that allows for career progression. Continued training and upskilling are not only provided but essential to stay relevant within the industry.

5. Valued Service Provider

Never underestimate the good feelings that come with providing a valued service. Yes, pest control seems hard and messy. But a pest control technician makes customers’ environments safer and more pleasant. Resolving issues for customers is rewarding. Especially if the issue was long-term and no one else could get to the bottom of it. This is the case with many of the jobs we take on.

Want to work in pest control?

Do you want to work in pest control? If this sounds like a career for you, email a copy of your CV to daniel@ultimatepestcontrol.ie.