EHO Inspection & Pest Control


Any business that serves food in Ireland must comply with food safety laws. An Environmental Health Officer determines whether or not a company is doing this. By completing an EHO inspection. This inspection ensures that all food businesses adhere to the correct standards. This inspection ultimately determines whether the food is safe for consumption. Pest control plays a huge role in whether a company passes an EHO inspection. So, today we are answering the most common questions about why pest control is vital for a food business.

Can I pass an EHO Inspection without pest control?

No, a business will fail an inspection without a proper pest control solution.

Can I fail an inspection due to poor pest control?

Having a pest control contract is not an automatic pass. Poor pest control practices can result in failing an inspection. There are two ways this can happen. Firstly, it could be because the pest control company you hire is terrible. Missing visits, poor reporting, or untreated pest activity all contribute to a failing grade. Therefore, it is vital that you hire a reputable company that knows what they are doing. Don’t hire a pest control company based on price. In our experience, the cheaper they are, the worse they are.

And secondly, failure could be a result of not following your pest controllers’ recommendations. Following pest control routines, the technician should identify any potential pest issues. And then advise on ways to resolve this. It is then up to the company to follow through with the recommendations. Failure to do this will lead to a reduced grade from the Environmental Health Inspector.

What happens if I fail an EHO inspection due to pest control?

Failing an inspection based on pest control can go one of three ways. Depending on how major or minor the infraction is. Firstly, for small issues, the inspector would likely lower the grade. Therefore, reducing the time between inspections for the business. In this case, they issue an improvement notice. This lays out ways to stay compliant. Lower grades can affect the reputation of a business. So yes this may be the most preferable consequence, however, it can still result in loss of customers. Secondly, inspectors can issue an emergency probation notice. Effectively shutting down a business. Until it is safe to reopen. And finally, in dire cases, an EHO can prosecute a business.

My food business is so small, do I really need pest control?

Yes, all businesses that serve food must have a pest control solution. Regardless of size.

Does your business serve food?

If you have a food business of any size and don’t have a pest control contract, please contact us today for a free quote!